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Nomazulu way off the point, taking issues literally like political novice

21 May 2017 at 09:57hrs | Views
If there one thing which Nomazulu is consistent in it is being against the aspirations of the people of Mthwakazi. She is at par with people like Tswangirayi and Mugabe.

With her poisonous vernom against Mthwakazi she should be warned to stop talking on behalf of Mthwakazi, the people she is known to despise.

Nomazulu does not believe that Mthwakazi can independently survive from Zimbabwe, without Zimbabwe she sees a starving Mthwakazi, a Mthwakazi full of war and strife.

This is how empty and shallow she is. Mthwakazi is a nation of nation-builders not war-Mongers as she would like people to believe. An independent Mthwakazi will never turn against itself, we have learned the pain of oppression by one ethnic over others, supposedly brothers for that matter; therefore deliberate institutions and infrastructure will be implemented to avoid any domination of one ethnic group over another in Mthwakazi.

Starting with full recognition of languages and cultures of all ethnic groups in Mthwakazi, this will ensure that all the ethnic groups in Mthwakazi who want to install their kings cannot do so without hindrance.

No ethnic group will be allowed to be more powerful than the other, the government leadership will be on a rotational basis for example, we will have a Venda president one term, Sotho, Khalanga the other etc. We have seen the evils of domination, discrimination and oppression under Shona government which seeks to force people to be all Shonas. The more the government seeks to coerce people into Shona culture the more the country becomes disunited.

A Mthwakazi state will be a strong federation with strong federal states to avoid any opportunities of domination of one ethnic group by another.

Nomazulu should stop trying to scare the people of Mthwakazi with her gukurahundi genocide. She should stop lying that Mugabe and his government will ever commit another physical genocide on Mthwakazi, they were allowed to do so for a number of reasons as Dr Hazel Cameron's research document has revealed, one of such reasons was due to the Cold War.

The Cold War is no longer there and Mugabe has committed a cardinal sin of killing innocent and unarmed white farmers. Also the West now knows that the six tourists who were said to have been killed by the dissidents were actually killed by Mugabe. The conditions and infrastructure for committing genocide is non-existent right now.

We are aware that Mugabe is not rational but the conditions do not allow him, so it is stupid of Nomazulu to try to throw scarecrows of her father Mugabe.

Most likely Nomazulu does not even realise that she is unwittingly working for ZANU-PF by her actions.

When did the MRP liberate Lupane violently? She is taking issues literally like a political novice.

What the MRP meant was that come elections people of Lupane will vote out ZANU and its surrogate MDC and vote in MRP a party whose interests about Mthwakazi are clear and unquestionable.

Source - Thulani Nkala
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