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Tsvangirai is not God but president of the biggest opposition party

30 May 2017 at 17:06hrs | Views
Tsvangirai is not "God" YES

But u can't call us 'fools' MDC-T Supporters.

Linda Musarira's recent attempts to score very cheap or rather silly political points fell terribly flat. In a mischievous rant by an equally tendentious interviewer, she fatuously told her interlocutors that President Tsvangirai is not God. The "interview" turned out to be a relevance-mongering and a Tsvangirai bashing rant.

There is no prize for stating the obvious. Yes, President Tsvangirai is not God otherwise he would not be living amongst mortals like us. Yes, President Tsvangirai is not God because MDC-T members never wanted nor asked God to be their president.

Be that as it may, it is utterly disturbing and nonsensical for a so-called democracy activist to brand MDC-T supporters and all those who see things differently from her as fools.

She grabbed the moral high ground by making lofty claims that she is fighting dictatorship and Mugabe. How exactly is she doing that is not clear neither is it explained in the same shrill tones she lavished on President Tsvangirai. Is she fighting Mugabe in the comforts of her bedroom?

What is abundantly clear is that Tsvangirai poses an existential threat to Linda and her ilk who claim to be fighting and yet perpetuating his rule by going into bed with Mugabe and criticising those who are trying. Her interview exposed her for a fraud that she is. A fraud hiding behind a very thin fig leaf of fighting for democracy.

As the MDC-T we find it insulting that a new entrant like Linda would want to lecture our President or us on how to fight Mugabe. In her wisdom or largely lack thereof she insinuates that President Tsvangirai is not doing enough to fight Mugabe.

How enough is enough?

Linda must be pitied because she is a john - come- lately to politics. Either she is ignorant or she is suffering from amnesia or worse.

Where was she when President Tsvangirai was being brutalised to within an inch of his life? Where she was when President Tsvangirai was being arrested on trumped up charges? Where was she when President Tsvangirai was almost thrown out from the 10th floor of a building in Harare?

Linda seems to be having a serious bout of delusion of grandeur, she ridiculously claimed that no one, not even the president of her party whom she was coy to name, is capable of removing Mugabe. In her warped view, she is the only person capable of removing and fighting Mugabe! We are not shocked.

Like Icarus in the greek mythology she seemed to forgetting what brought her to where she is. Icarus lofted to the sky on the wings made from feathers and wax. He was warned not to fly too close to the sun. Icarus ignored instructions not to fly too close to the sun when the wax in his wings melted he fell into the sea. Pride became the Fall!

She seemed to forget we sympathized with her when she had a mini run-in the law.

As MDC-T supporters we understood her when she was called a woman of loose morals because she had five children allegedly by different fathers. We came to her defense when she was accused of robbing the cradle and dating a man several years her junior. She was recently in the news for faking an abduction while in effect she was fighting her young boyfriend. We never laughed at her instead we sympathised with her.

We urge Linda to grow her party which she cannot even mention in public rather than spend her time fighting other opposition leaders.

Fanuel Chinowaita

National Spokesperson of MDC T Students' Council

Source - Fanuel Chinowaita
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