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What I learnt from a teacher called Maroso

01 Jun 2017 at 18:39hrs | Views
Several years ago at David Livingstone, I was taught by a maths teacher called Mr Maroso. I didn't like him very much as I was the type that feared the whiplash so much. One day writing a maths test I got so scared of whip so much that I had to copy one of the sum's answers. I still remember it clearly that the answer I copied from one of the genius guys we had in my class was for question 21!

After a week the marks for our maths test came.

I didn't have a pleasing mark according to Maroso's standards. I knew what was going to follow afterwards. Thus I quickly ran around the classroom comparing my answers with the answers of my classmates.

Great! I found out that the guy I copied the answer for question 21 from had been given 5 marks while I had been awarded only one mark. I rushed confidently to Mr Maroso to tell him about his mistake of awarding me less marks than I deserved. 'Surely these extra marks will put me on a safe zone if Maroso adds them.', i said to myself. Mr Maroso looked closely at my answer for a few seconds and then shouted, WRONG FORMULA! How did you even get the correct answer with this kind of working?"I was then told to stand on the side of those selected to be whipped., much to the roaring laughter of my so called friends.

It's not always about the answer mtshana, let's see the formula you used to get it. I see that you have an impressive business which looks glorious and glamorous, but which FORMULA did you use to reach that "success". Ask Maroso, the formula is a real deal! Getting results without the use of appropriate formula leads to dishonour. Ask Maroso, the formula carries more marks. The formula matters the most.

I am no longer inspired by your achievements until I have observed the methodology. Show me the formula. What foundation are your results leaning on or build on. Before you admire to acquire the success of those you aspire to become, check their formula. In these days where desperation causes us to aspire or admire to acquire what we desire, by all means possible, it's important to remember that shortcuts will cut you short. At the end of most short cuts, there is a painful deep cut. "Wrong formula!" shouted Mr Maroso.

Source - Mthokozisi Gwizi
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