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The uncaring father, who should care

02 Jun 2017 at 21:53hrs | Views
It is 2005
25 years after my papa won independence,
Independence for transparency of governance

Instead, show affection like a father,
To your family you stir commotion rather
It's not you only, an inhabitant of a merciless and safe bubbles
You're a gespann with my uncles
Your children bony and in agony due to diseases,
Some at home: streets victims of pneumonia
Tired, in ward your son make painful hisses
They lay prey to the deadly schizophrenia,
A scene a doodler or toddler be sees
Your sequence? Or consequence of your mania
Instead of showing me care,
In the evil nature you leave me bare

Our hearts stop beating,
Our noses tired of breathing
Working as devil's hand, caterpillars
Cessation of life, succumbed to house pillars
Like the toilet, at often we visit the mortuary,
Running from death, looking for a sanctuary
My father can you see, your children dying,
Uncles heed, your nephew is crying
Instead of showing me care,
In the evil nature you leave me bare

Streets are new homes.
Exposed to all the unfriendly
Activities of the night
Homelessness! Ohh Homelessness'! A painful thought
Against human shelter, which beast fought?
It's you father and my uncles
Survival means a peculiar episode of miracles
How can you destroy the house?
The house that you helped build.
Instead of showing me care,
In the evil nature you leave me bare

The renaissance of good life, my soul is curious,
Since your inapt cleanse, have been penurious
You destroyed my fountain of money,
Burnt the honey comb, where is the honey?
You destroyed my money making machine.
No genesis, to make ends meet,
Portraying poverty from head to feet.
Instead of showing me care,
In the evil nature you leave me bare

A convincing name, for your practices of devilism,
Any mistake you point imperialism.
How can you clean mess, by adding trash?
How can we survive, without the cash?
Strange oxygen, poverty part of the airs
Still after all this, we are all millionaires

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Source - Poseidon Tsautsau
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