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What I learnt from a cow!

05 Jun 2017 at 20:55hrs | Views

Over two decades ago I used to look after our family's livestock. Occasionally we would take our cattle to the dip where they would be dipped in some water which had some vaccination which cleansed the cattle from various infections and got rid of some ticks.

There was a cow by the name Hlamvukazi which used to give us a hard time every time it was supposed to go to the dip. While other cows swam through this dip to the other side, Nhlamvukazi would have none of it! He would stand at the entrance of the dip, look to the left and then look to the right. I assure you that if you are not alert enough, she would run over you if you are standing on her way. This cow would do anything to break free from this 'abuse of being driven into a dip' Or so it thought!
But was it really breaking free?

There are two kinds of pains. It's either we accept the temporal pain and discomfort of being dipped into the liberating dip or we endure long term or permanent pain of being tormented by ticks and other life threatening ailments. Of coarse this dip can represent different things to different people. There are some of us who are harboring grudges in our hearts, we would rather suffer long term inner pain and bitterness than go through the difficult but liberating process of forgiveness.

We would rather suffer permanent poverty and suffering than undergo a shorter term pain of risk taking and laboring to start our own life changing businesses. We would rather swim in the ocean of ignorance than spend countless hours of studying to acquire long term knowledge which brings long term future elevation. Yes, running away from the dip. What dip are running away from? Go through it and come up better. Who among us shall sacrifice short term temporal pressure and leisure, to attain long term treasures? Who among us shall shall choose to go through short term discomfort, in order to achieve higher realms of freedom?


Source - Mthokozisi Gwizi
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