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Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga: her dirty-women-pants! Some street language we cannot take!

09 Jun 2017 at 19:45hrs | Views
It is outrageous, horrendous to hear a whole parliamentarian speaking vomit language in the presence of girl-children and young women in Bulawayo rally. Where she is supposed to show respect as an sitting MP, she displays the worst among us. This MP has no right, no jurisdiction to speak the way she spoke in any rally. Do we wonder then that Glen Nora constituency rejected her in the past 2008 elections: she got an egg on her face: off she ran away, absconded to hide in Mathebeleland South: Mzingwane, a constituency that does not belong to her by right: there again she was jettisoned! We thought that was the correct language she deserved, to be decimated from the political pages of Zimbabwean politics. But because she knows how to reinvent herself, she did, she came back but with vengeance. She is busy with women-pants-politics: inside parliament and outside! She goes to parliament again to give Minister Chinamasa some bouquet: A display devoid of any reasoning.

We have girl-children and young women who look upon these politicians as the standard to emulate, look up at them, they politicians as role models. If a young girl hears a whole MP talking street language at broad day-light, trying once more to be relevant in the Trump era, do we wonder still that we will not manage to take our girls from the red-lights? The language the growing girls are subjected to is just below the belt, street language spoken by hard chore prostitutes globally. There is no decent parliamentarian from a civilised world who openly speaks casually about "dirty pants" like MP Priscilla Misihairabwi except in Zimbabwe

We had just come to terms with her presentation of second-hand pants in parliament. Somehow we thought she made a point in a rude way. Now we have to take in her vomit from the rally where she now tries hard to invent herself because she knows her political life-line is going out. Of late she spoke about the Gugurahundi atrocities: that, if the government does not attend to will bring the country to civil war! Why did she wait for so long to come out with this noble reminder to Gugurahundi perpetrators?  She was a whole Minister in the GNU: there was a golden chance to tackle Gugurahundi matters head-on: she had to wait for the election time because to speak about Gugurahundi atrocities at election time can give a Ndebele politician bread and butter on the table, (her/his own bread and butter,) not that they genuinely want to solve these atrocities of the past anyhow. Gugurahundi atrocities have become a card to get into the parliament of Zimbabwe.

This woman legislator has run out of ideas: Priscilla do you know what is a dirty woman's pant that will wipe an old man's face? You are a spent force indeed? Don't insult the women's dignity. We do not deserve that crude language at all to reinvent yourself and become electable in Mathebeleland constituencies. Dear Hon. Member of parliament, without parliamentary seat, if you are out of ideas you need to shut up! Kusaita nyaya uku, to tell the women to do such an act: collecting dirty pants to wipe the old man's face! It takes all the dignity of the woman to do that: do your parliamentary duties allow stripping Zimbabwean women to act like street women! Are they going to do the unimaginable so as to put you back into the gravy train and start eating all over again! That's gutter politics, without substance!

In your effort to try and stand out from the crowd, outshine us all, you have to say such nonsense, with such verbosity! We are feminists yes but you have taken yours rather too far. At best please respect us, do not try to define the worst in us. You do not reduce us to be street women? I hate Mugabe with passion, but to sink this low and wipe him with my dirty pant is just horrendous, it's just unheard of, out of the realms of good sense, if you have shame you should be ashamed of yourself: a street woman talker like yourself is beyond shame, we cannot even appeal on your conscience, apparently you do not have.

Dirty women underpants are very private items never to be spoken so lightly in the public. Please dear MP we ask you to respect us, at best we have children and young women we still need to impart that dignity in them. If you went for a girl initiation ceremony: your Tetes and Babakazis would have imparted in you the delicacy, privacy and intimacy of a woman-under- pant: dirty or not dirty. An under pant of a mother in the home is the entire dignity in it, around it, embodies the absolute respect of the entire home. It should never be seen anywhere loosely in the home. Now we are told to go loose with them, talk loose about them in political rallies. Are you sure that is the methods you use to empower girl-children in your capacity as an MP without a constituency?

Coming to the dirty torn panties that should be used to wipe Mugabe's face, Priscilla you need to take your own dirty panties with you when you go to official trips with Finance Minister Chinamasa, whip his face with your own used dirty panties. You will be surprised what reaction the Finance Minister will get, just try it for once. In retrospect: You need to know that a dirty woman's pant is a powerful snuff: a Viagra in the sense of the word, our President will enjoy the event, He will need to snuff all those "dirty" panties make him function again. A conglomeration of millions of dirty pants to make a "parfum" smell will make the old man come back to business again!

We want, we expect values and principles that uplift and educate our growing girl-children. We have lost a number of them in the streets, we want MPs that will tell us how to get them out of the streets and empower them to be better mothers and citizens of the future of this great country. In the meantime you will invent yourself and will see yourself back again in the gravy train and you will start to talk about Gugurahundi atrocities to extend your political life span all over again! What a shame!

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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