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The New Scramble for Africa

11 Jun 2017 at 19:58hrs | Views
The turning point for the African continent was when the Europeans or the colonisers landed on our shores with a bible in hand and a religion called Christianity in mind. They scrambled for every bit of the African land and plundered its resources in the name of the bible and the religion that is so-called Christianity and now the two (the bible and Christianity) are the worst things that ever happened to Africa.

The Europeans oppressed the African people and kept them in bondage for over a century and all along claiming that they were Christians sent to teach us how to worship God. The truth of the matter is, they did more of plundering, looting, shooting and killing of the innocent people of Africa than teach us to worship God.

Now what we have in our midst is a false religion not designed for Africans and a new "Scramble for Africa", this time by Pentecostal prophets, pastors and preachers, who are once again putting us into bondage. Churches with weird and wild names are now sprouting and mushrooming everywhere, all with the aim of winning hearts and souls only for the leaders' benefits. And those who are falling for all this farce hook, line and sinker are not in short supply judging by the numbers of people who fill these churches at any given time.

Before I am labelled a satanist by many over zealous so-called Christians (of which there are many) let me state clearly that I am a believer in the Trinity, GOD the Father, the SON and the HOLY GHOST, and I don't need anyone to certify me except God alone, the rest of you can call me what you want.

Most people will be livid at my calling Christianity a false religion, yes it is, no wonder those that brought that religion upon African no longer practice it themselves. Go to Europe especially Britain and ask them about God and Christianity and you will understand what I mean. You can even refer to your trusted book called the bible and see how many references are in there that talk about Christianity and in what context. There are only three references in the bible about the word Christian and there is nowhere where Christ ever mentioned that anyone was to be called a Christian but Africans will kill if you dared point this out.
Africans are good at taking everything foreign and moving it to the next level and this is evident from the ludicrous madness that has become of Christianity. Almost everyone you can think of is now called a prophet or pastor, (Zimbabwe Police Chief Chihuri is one) and former celebrities included and I can tell you, it's not the love of doing God's work that is attracting them. There is an even better calling than God and its called MONEY, and with this love of money and opulence, they have now recolonised African and are now worse oppressors compared to the former white imperialist.

Africans have regressed under the charismatic African Pentecostal prophets and pastors, with these new oppressors milking the populace of everything they don't have. Threatening the masses with punishment from God if they don't cough up tithes, pledges and planting of imaginary seeds, if they don't buy church artefacts with the prophets' pictures on them.

These prophets and pastors claim to be doing everything by the book (Bible) but for me who doesn't read it, I clearly see that it's all misinterpretation or a deliberate attempt to twist the contents of this dubious book so they can do as they please.
It's a shame that despite millions of congregates thronging worship venues the entire breath and width of Africa and leaving with a plethora of promises of prosperity and deliverance, none of these false promises have translated into tangible outcomes. Instead these fake prophets and pastors have used this government sanctioned opportunity to show how black Africans have been brainwashed to an extent of being so myopic, gullible and downright stupid. There is not a people who have become as pathetically dumb and impoverished as the African Christians while the rest of the world moves forward with development.

If the god of these Africans pastors and prophets is the true God how has he let Africa be plundered in the name of worshipping him? If I were to go by the word in the bible (Deuteronomy 18:18, I had to google this so bible zealots can have a reference) God only sends one of your own kind to teach you how to worship him, so why then is it that Africa and its people are saddled with a religion which was taught to us by foreigners who never spoke our mother languages? The Israelite while in bondage in Egypt waited for Moses to be sent by God, they could have followed any Egyptian who came along claiming to be sent by God.

These foreign infected African pastors and prophets have also invaded foreign lands of milk and honey like the United Kingdom, with no takers from the British population who can clearly read into their machinations. The only nationals throwing themselves at the feet of the fake men of god in Europe are sadly, black Africans. All their hard-earned cash is going into financing the lavish lifestyles of these mercenaries in sheep skin.

Back in our motherland, of all the prosperity that they promise the multitudes of gullible worshippers only themselves are the shining examples, or the perfect example of how God can bless people.

To successfully dupe so many people and keep them in check and glued to one's fake and clearly rehearsed stage-managed miracles, one must possess cultic powers from the darkest of dark worlds and I can confidently say that 99% of these men of god possess those powers, hence their great treks to West African countries where they quickly acquire "spiritual fathers".
It is surprising that this has gone on under the very noses of our black political oppressors, who have occupied front seats in these churches and cheered and clapped for these fake prophets.  These governments have enjoyed the diverted attention offered by the Christian men of god to remove the pressure from their doorsteps and keep the masses in suspense buoyed by false hope offered by the modern Pentecostal Christianity. To return the favour, the men of god have never challenged the social injustices perpetrated by these oppressive governments.

From the methods of collecting tithes, pledges and seeds to the methods used in attending to their congregates' ailments and problems are most bizarre and unheard of, even in the bible they claim to use in this ruse to dupe the people. From making people eat grass, snakes, going to heaven and back, being number four in heaven and walking on water you name it to visiting god, taking people's problems in a satchel to Israel, calling him on the phone or even taking selfies with Jesus, and giving birth to a second Jesus all in the name of trying to win the hearts and souls, surprisingly for their own self aggrandisement and not for the Creator.

The antics of these pastors and prophets are too numerous to mention and are out there in the public domain for everyone to see, it's so nauseating to even think such things are happening in the name of God.

All these things are happening chiefly because this so called Christianity is a foreign religion dumped on Africans by greedy plunderers who just wanted to hoodwink us; God never meant it to be like that.

Africans are the chief recipients of anything foreign, I bet you if the Moslems had colonised us first, Africans would be saying Mohammed is the only one and if the Hindus had done the same, Africa would all be Hindu. Even if the Jews had invaded Africa, Africans would be saying the Torah is the only book with the truth. Hence my point that Christianity is not for Africans, it just so happened to be the first to arrive on our shores.

Has it ever occurred to you that you wonder why this religion called Christianity is the only religion where the followers do as they please? Christians dress the way they want, eat what like, drink anything, fornicate with no remorse, be anywhere they wish, even dance suggestively and be in church the next day and repeat every vice and suggestive dances inside the church building, and still claim to be doing it all for God? If we were to ask all the people in a packed strip club anywhere in Africa to show us their birth certificates, you wouldn't be shocked to see they will be 99% Christians in da house. Even a witch doctor will tell you all his clients are Christians, it's really sad. All these self declared, self anointed pastors and prophets visit a sorcerer, occultist or go through a voodoo ritual first before they even know how to say "Holy ghost fire", in their quest to gain powers to use to control people's minds. So what kind of a religion is this?
If the bible is really an account of God's works by the prophets why does it suddenly stop making that account with the book of Acts, where is the account of the works of preachers of the 1700s for instance? Where is Peter's letter to the people of Johannesburg or Lagos, why do we have to know about the descendents of Abraham and why is the message to the people of Corinth important to Africans?

This new scramble for Africa by the rabid African Pentecostal pastors and prophets has left the beloved continent a barren land, its people with no proper knowledge of the things of the true God the Creator, it's now infested with religious zombies walking the land with no direction, hoping to one day stumble on the one prophet who will declare their prosperity and actually bring it to fruition. Sorry to say this, that day will never come, while Africans continue investing valuable time and money in non tangible things and the prophets keep getting richer by the day.

For those that don't do selective reading of the bible, read it and be honest right to the last word, but I wouldn't bother because change comes from within and not from a book whose material and meaning is so flexible and malleable such that any preacher has their own interpretation, hence the grass eating and the one to one healing session of a sexual nature.

Proverbs 14: 12 says "There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death," this can actually make most Christians reassert the way they worship God now. One word of advice, if worshipping God is so easy and smooth flowing such that you feel happy about how you conduct yourself, you are probably doing many things wrong. Worshipping God in earnest is never easy and it's been like that since time immemorial. So it's worrying when some leaders of these prosperity preaching Pentecostal churches try to make it look easy and that you can even order God around at any time, to give you what you want when you want, while they can dominate and control their English speaking demons without even praying or fasting for the full power of God.
It's even more worrying that Africans now spend most of their productive time in churches being fed a lot of lies and religious garbage which can never be backed by the truth from God. Most Africans are now slaves of the "something for nothing" Christian bandwagon where they are promised a lot of riches while the opposite is true. Most people are investing in God by giving the little money they get, hoping to get "ten fold" in return and thus Africa has got poorer and poorer by the day.

The man hours spent by people clamouring to be touched by these sex driven men of god could be well spent tilling the land or doing something useful with one's life. Let me assure you all, God can never be bought or bribed not a single time, the only investment one can put in God is through repentance and prayer, nothing less. Not even carrying a bible everywhere will change that. There is no limit to the time one should put into worshipping God but only the true GOD, endless hours following the god of a fake man of god won't count, unfortunately.

Believe me, even during the time of Christ on earth there were poor people who even died poor, there were lepers, the disabled and the sick who died that way, it didn't mean they were of little faith but because it was God's will and so it was to be.

The true prophets never forced anyone to do their will but what do we see with the prophets of nowadays, multitudes of people held to ransom by way of threats of death and misfortune if they dare disobey or fail to pay tithes or merely deciding to abandon the church.

I say Pentecostal pastors and prophets, with their bibles, are the new colonisers of Africans who have impoverished the continent, enriching themselves in the process and investing their proceeds in women, sleaze and glamour while turning a blind eye to the poor dying children and the catastrophic poverty around them.

These fake men of god are worse than the western imperialist oppressors before them, who actually brought the bible and its form of worship to our lands. At least the whites built mission hospitals, schools and put an infrastructure we were once proud of.

Most former colonial governments vowed that Africa would never prosper, simply because they knew that they had left a system of both governance and religion that was like a self-distract button which has obviously been pressed by the Africans themselves, judging by where we are now.

If Africa wants to worship God in the true sense and prosper in the process, it's time to do away with the curse of a foreign religion which has no relevance to the way we live in our various cultures and worship God in an African way taught to us by  Africans sent by God the creator.

Source - Bonzo reSvosve
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