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Nathaniel Manheru - where is the 'revelation'?

25 Jun 2017 at 17:42hrs | Views
UMthwakazi has known this character as a wide-nosed, strong-jawed anti-Mthwakazi Gukiurahundist and Shonaist, who like the rest of them who harbour these rabid anti-Mthwakazi, Gukurahundist feelings, know no decency.

We have always known Nathaniel Manheru to be George Charamba! And how else could we have known him when he has been so exhibitionist about his hatred of the Ndebele and when he has been so ostentatious about his perceived Shona victories over uMthwakazi by this failed Shona Kingdom masquerading as Zimbabwe; or when he has extolled the 'great' salt Kingdom of Munumutapa as a rather sad and puerile attempt at countervailing the world-renowned statecrafts of Ndebele kings, King Mzilikazi and King Lobengula?

And when the heat on his anti-Ndebele spittle became too much - challenged by the many articles run by this publication to counter his tribalistic venom - Charamba would phish filially about his consanguineous Ndebele connections and 'roots', all vituperative and silly musings of a typical Shonaist mischief-maker caught out cheering a group of Gukurahundaires from behind the cover of a hen feather.

What we have just seen and witnessed is a dangerous man, a tribalist and Gukurahundist and a Shonaist,and mentally twisted anti-Ndebele,  leave. Far from it! What we have witnessed is a middle-aged man, weighed down by tribal hate and poor sense of his tribal superiority, brag publicly about his anti-Mthwakazi guile, even louder. He has after all, promised to transmogrify and come back an even worse, more demented lunatic of the Shona fringe than he has been to this stage. And such arrogance, such cynical strike at fate … him knowing in advance that he will be there let alone, coming back again to be this even more cruel thing against uMthwakazi. In saying this, we are consciously alive to his medical challenges that so many had Mr George Charamba himself as an earlier candidate for the grave ahead of his wife (MHSRIP!).

When Israel suffered a genocide, initially perpetrated by Britain, US and others - including Germany - Israel was not a state, nor did anyone ever imagine it would, including those states like Britain and the US who later helped in the formation of Israel as a state and who have since supported and sustained it since. Today Israel has the entire Arab world on the run. More to the point for the Joseph Geobbels of our area - the George Charambas - Israel has since becoming a state, hunted down, hounded, prosecuted and jailed tens of thousands of 'holocaust-aires', dotards and the young alike, with a cynical efficiency that has been the admiration of even some of Israel's own enemies!

Things change! Some say in politics there are no permanent enemies or permanent friends. That simply has to be untrue. There are indeed permanent enemies in politics, and always will be - maybe not friends. In the contestation for power between fierce enemies, in the dynamics of that contest, change and unforeseen and un-hoped for outcomes, will happen, as the tussle for political power goes on. By its very nature, in such a contest, risk is a permanent presence, inviting caution, circumspection, and wisdom. If you are clumsy when you wield temporary political power - as Shonaists and Gukurahundists have had it temporarily, never permanently - you will come to grief when you lose it, if you acted disparagingly during your tenure. And political power is never anything you can guard from slipping through your fingers, however powerful you think your repression is. It's never a question of if, but when, you lose it. That is why George Charamba and his masters are not just amazing, but their folly is mesmerising.

Those Mthwakazians, who in the stupid euphoria of the anti-colonial struggle, saw false unities induced by the miasma of an unthought-through post-colonial outcome and ignored the wise counsel of Mthwakazi's founders and forebears about who uMthwakazi's enemies are, have now learnt at great cost (for some, at great personal pain) of the folly of modern education and sophistication, and how those are nothing more than an invite to political mass suicide. UMthwakazi is littered with the bones of anti-colonial struggle 'icons' who sang the drunken song of a unity which neither existed nor was ever possible in a post-colonial setting, at least in the immediate term. Some of uMthwakazi's modern and educated, have also fallen to Gukurahundism's swrod of 'world' domination. More are surely set to follow. Lessons don't appear to have been learnt; to be learnt.

Even today - and even with the salutary admonition of Gukurahundi - look at the behaviour of Mthwakazi's 'sophisticates' - within Zanu-PF and the so-called opposition - and compare that with the political savvy of uMthwakazi's mass ignorants and ignoramuses - the ordinary un-schooled 'dirty' people, and you will see the true Mthwakazian, the true custodian and repository of Mthwakaziness, where uMthwakazi still lies and resides. And it is that Mthwakaziness that still today also rejects today's uMthwakazi's own false prophets of Mthwakaziness and a Mthwakazi State being parroted by tear-away overnight politicians uMthwakazi doesn't know, and the fake and false kings that have begun to mushroom daily from every corner of Mthwakazi. Nobody will ever defeat, fool or undermine that 'invisible' uMthwakazi until the true and authentic uMthwakazi State emerges again. When that happens, uMthwakazi will know and bless that State and the processes driving its re-emergence.

And what uMthwakazi has also gotten to know over the years post- the anti-colonial struggle that changed the Ndebele State from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe, it is that uMthwakazi has no friends. For Mthwakazi, history truly repeats itself, and has come to repeat itself during our lifetime. During her formation, in her formative years, uMthwakazi warriors were never greeted by dancing and ululating women and children of nations and people they were conquering. UMthwakazi fought and won wars and battles - alone -  even as she lost many battles.

To bring this to our times, we lost to the Gukurahundi genocide. Lost many innocent, defenceless Ndebeles, young, old and unborn, all lost to an unprovoked attack by a Shonaist government which uMthwakazi which confused political power for 'hereditary' rule. But that was no battle, that Gukurahundi thingy; it was just an open genocide; a crime against the civilian population that any government that has lost sense of itself can commit anytime, but don't, because such is the actions of primitives.
As uMthwakazi, and we will say it over and over again, we have lost no battle to anyone. We have surrendered no right to war to anyone. And we have not surrendered or bargained away any cause - our cause - to any bribe, coercion, subterfuge, or sex. Everything, every taunt, attack and insult on us as Mthwakazi - that George Charamba and his friends have hurled and will continue to hurl in Mthwakazi's direction - is a building block to the permanency of our cause, to rid ourselves of this vile Shonaist and Gukurahundist system the world will be happy to see us eventually chase off. Ultimately, victory is Mthwakazi's!

When the time comes, uMthwakazi will pick out its enemies like static targets in the crosshairs at a target shooting range. Some of the culprits - thanks to bloated folly - stand out like bearded sore thumbs! We will have a responsibility to act that way, for as John Curran has said: "The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance." And freedom doesn't need to be exercised under a state to be one; in its most expressive and virulent form, freedom can and is expressed as subversion - in conditions where subversion is the only means to guarantee or acquire it. The history of anti-colonial struggles is an example of this. And nobody has ever defeated freedom (as opposed to quest for power) where freedom has come to express itself subversively!
UMthwakazi's enemies - and uMthwakazi's own collaborators with anti-Mthwakazi groups and Gukurahundists - continue to make a deterministic error that the existing political paradigms and arrangements (State-centric perceptions) determine the trajectory and outcome of the present political contestations, on the basis of which, according to George Charamba and his legion of Gukurahundist and Shonaist followers, Gukurahundi long 'defeated' and long settled the issue of Ndebele power and access to State power. They couldn't be more wrong! And this misconception and fantasy explains Mr Charamba's public gloats and taunts against uMthwakazi we have come to associate his acerbic writings with.

As uMthwakazi, we have long come to know that the key in our struggle is in changing the political paradigm and dynamic, and therefore the nature of the political struggle and political theatre of that struggle. Change the game, in other words, is what uMthwakazi has come to know, and has done! On all these, the Shonaist and Gukurahundist State that is presently misrepresented as the Zimbabwe State, has no control - whatsoever. When subversion hits - as it will - they will not know what has hit them, and from where!
Political success is not necessarily measured prospectively. Or by performance indicators. Political success, can, and often is measured retroactively; even claimed retrospectively. It is, in the end, a matter of judgment; good judgment. We have seen, as Mthwakazi, political seeds planted many years ago gestate, in many cases, according to political prognosis of the time. Success is fully indicated. Mthwakazi success is everywhere, and there is nothing this Gukurahundist state can do about it. Lokwethusela akusasebenzi!

Egged on by his anti-Ndebele tribe of followers and the political ethos of Mugabe's Zanu - George Charamba has led the totally unprovoked and needless vicious assault on revered institutions of uMthwakazi, assailing King Mzilikazi and King Lobengula with all manner of childish but deliberate and politically purposed barbs that only his debased sort can publicly purvey. Promiscuous and permissive bombastic English has been taken for intelligence and a public political putdown of Mthwakazi, much to the glee of those Shonaists who respond with raspy laughters and hoarse guffaws. An approving chorus of mad baboons cheering a hut in which they are yet to escape being torched, indeed!
But where is your intelligence and sophistry and sophistication when you can't prise yourself off an old drooling baboon who is encouraging you to incriminate yourself while he is making good his own escape; virtually, to the point of folding his own hands in his own coffin? Where is it? And at a time when the succession battles are cascading to a bloody climax in which many will not escape with their lives! And for all we know, uMthwakazi's future refugees yibo oCharamba laba, who will be escaping from their clan and totem wars of mayhem we know will follow with uMthwakazi's departure. For crying out loud, without Mthwakazi there would be no Zimbabwe!

Increasingly, we have also seen attacks on the Mthwakazi institution of Highlanders FC by Gukurahundists and Shonaists of all sorts, which, already overt since 1980, has become more and more brazen. Even Shonaists with noses that occupy the entire face space, have become twitterati celebrities as they shadow-play Shona kings over matters Highlanders, and matters beyond sport. Buoyed by the activities their planted agent provocateurs at Highlanders matches, they descend on Highlanders like a tonne of bricks, to play and win games for Gukurahundists and Shonaists from their boardrooms. To be sure, and as has been more eloquently stated by others, Highlanders is not just a football club; it is a way of life (culture) and a political institution that runs inside every Mthwakazian, before birth. It was planted by men and women with political foresight. We thank them!
My goodness! You don't go there Mr Charamba … attacking such a people and nation (and its institutions) while perched on the knife-edge of political power. Political power will always and invariably be on a knife-edge, literally. The risk of losing or gaining political power, is just one finger click away, and it strikes without warning or reason at the weak and powerful alike. You don't provoke political potency where none is needed or where one is dormant. You don't attack and provoke uMthwakazi because Zanu, led by a Shona, formed the first post-colonial government named as the Zimbabwe government. And you don't ride on a dangerous misadventure such as the Gukurahundi genocide to do so. You simply don't do that, George Charamba! You don't! you don't stock and incite a tribal war, Sir! You don't, mfoka Charamba, I plead, in the name of anything you care to swear by.
And have you realised - George Charamba - who you have just indicted? And it's not just because those who have sponsored you, and according to you are yet to sponsor you again, have not stopped you publicly over the years; it's also because public confirmation of them now has escalated matters, invited urgency and virtually set in motion events none of us will ever be able to control until they fully play out. We now know, there aren't just Gukurahundists and Shonaists lurking out there, there are Gukurahundists and Shonaists - who together with you - are still actively working hard trying to eliminate uMthwakazi while cloaking behind the Zimbabwe State. Know this: sooner than later, even among the Shona, there will soon emerge people prepared to take on you and your fellow Gukurahundists and Shonaists and stop your dangerous and misplaced misadventure because their children - perhaps not yours and your friends' - are exposed to the future horrors of a Ndebele-Shona war. Your days and your friends' days are truly numbered, Mr Charamba. And what a collegiate of fools - you and your handlers Mr Charamba - with no idea whatsoever of the immense responsibilities of statecraft! That is precisely why you are and have been the political vandals you have been, Mr Charamba and your friends.

But why and how has Zimbabwe's education system managed to make so many fools of so many who think they are clever? That is a rhetorical question by the way, when a supposed system of the alleged super-educated turns a 'Jewel of Africa' into a 'Zimbabwe Ruins'. And look how they all shamelessly troop and queue to South Africa for virtually anything ranging from fresh air to basic decency, a state supposedly run by ignoramuses and dunderheads! You have to belong to a lot that writes and says publicly what it says about uMthwakazi, even as they shamelessly steal, revise and distort uMthwakazi's history and historiographies for their parochial political ends, to be this debased.

Regimes have rarely come this clumsy; failure never so undisguised! This one is neither laughable nor sad, poor nor tragic. It just demonstrates what failure is when political power is given to the unqualified. It is that plain. Long-winded, dense and thick discourses that lack practical application are called policy, sadly. And this is the result.

Like George Charamba, the architects of this Zimbabwe Ruins are people who mistook bombastic English and phony English accents (shame, there is no English accent like that anywhere in the British Isles!) for the substance of rule and governance. Although they have dumped their dirty Maoist 'suits' and crumpled sandals, their political minds have remained chained to communist China's primitiveness and North Korean's unending Juche, that even today they don't realise that they are the only ones in the world (with DR Congo, their cousins) still swinging from tree branch to tree branch, something that George Charamba - ironically - pretended he had helped this Shonaist state move away from with his Nathaniel Manheru column. Well, under George Charamba's leadership of the Nathaniel Manheru column, Zimbabwe as a purported State shrunk and sunk into little more than a Shona village run by a cruel Shona headman from a hozi. But what a fitting tribute to a group of idea-less and unfashionable men and women, the ugliness of whose actions and activities is only matched by how they look! And look at the behaviour of what they call their police today for a more rendering of their ugly faces! The mass starvation and humiliation of the people - another gloat from George Charamba when he wrote as Nathaniel Manheru - completes a picture of a despondency imposed on the people by people - individuals - who should have done the decent thing from the beginning and run away as far as they could and as fast as they could from political power, let alone State power.  

So, George Charamba, you have revealed nothing, confirmed nothing.

What you certainly have done is identify yourself - personally - and institutionally - as this sad Shonaist and Gukurahundist who needs help. Seek it and find it. There is nothing to hide; you are a universal psychological patient who is so, on your own public posturing. It is not therefore surprising that even when you were exposing yourself as such, you did not see it, for your urge to infamy and notoriety - mistaken for fame and glory - blinded you totally to the foolishness of it all. You wrote - and will continue to write upon your return - for a fringe Shonaist group that no decent Shona person wants association with.
A final critical lie you tried to purvey in one of your recent articles! Quoting one of your Shona historians (can't remember which one) - a favourite theatrical of yours - you suggested that somehow Rhodesia - and now Zimbabwe - had dissolved Englishness, Ndebeleness, and Shonaness. I have never read or heard anything more ridiculous from an intellectual, particularly in the face of living and active evidence! I genuinely wish the point was debatable, but it is - fortunately - not.

But the political purpose of it all is not lost to anyone, Clever Charamba! Your attempt at political collectivization - mimicking your sponsor's sad nomenclature of 'command agriculture (and Jonathan Moyo is right to label it command 'ugly-culture'!) - by which everybody according to Gukurahundism and Shonaism and you- has become Shona, is both silly and serious at the same time. That impossible tension between those two polar opposites says it all. Read 'snapped!' into that. You say things that sever themselves by themselves, right down the middle. That was a political dump best left where it rightly is now: in the political garbage. Shona - by your de-construction and that of Gukurahundists and Shonaists that have sponsored you - will never be a political ethos or architecture anyway in the Southern African region. Whatever remote chance there might have been you all killed in 1980 and have presided over its final rites, to this day. If anyone thinks I am wrong, come to me when that change comes and show me anyone who will want to be known as Shona in the region.

And what a sad end it will be to an otherwise decent people whose future has been totally decimated by the likes of George Charamba and those on behalf of whom he has   angrily spoken, insulted and taunted - right across the region!  Many times, needless and unnecessary battle-fronts have been opened on behalf of and in the name of the Shona, only because, somehow, those attacked appeared Ndebele or would in any remote way be supportive of the Ndebele. Those that the gods want to destroy ….!
But come on, Mr Judo and karate man - George Charamba - be the man you say you are and tell us the real revelation today.
Recently, the papers that you run and control bored us to the wall with the 'news' of the 'so-called' death of your wife (sits on par with what you have always called the victims of so-called Gukurahundi), a wife we hear you once used as a punch bag or still used as a punch bag. Tell us, is the real revelation that succession politics has now hit too close to the skin (presumably with the death of your wife) and you have heeded the warning and walked?

In case you didn't know, Sir, that system - Shonaism and Gukurahundism - uses you and eliminates you, whether for doing 'right' or 'wrong', anytime it decides so. It eats its own like it does its created enemies.

And we hope you learn about that Mafia you call your masters the hard, personal, and visible way, for you deserve in every respect possible to go down and go out by it! If Comrade Chinx could come back to life again today, he would take back all the years he spent in the service of that truly inhuman group of individuals who call themselves Zanu, now whittled down to two or three individuals.

You could be next George Charamba. And we will certainly not be sorry to see you go. And if this time it is forever, then the merrier the celebrations! You are truly an evil man and as evil as those you so enthusiastically write and pontificate about, as if theory and dogma could ever be elevated above life and the human.

You deserve nothing but the worst, George Charamba.

You can contact me anytime should you so wish.

Source - Xoxani Ngxoxo
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