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Grace Mugabe why do you think Mat'land will show love to their relative's mass murderers?

24 Jul 2017 at 05:52hrs | Views
In the crowd whose size surprised you, were people fathered by gukurahundi gang-rapists commanded by officers of the 5th Brigade who reported directly to your husband and you think they will vote for you out of love for the party responsible for gukurahundi?

Most of the people in the crowd were very hungry and they had been told by Zanu that those who did not attend your rally would not receive food aid from you. Will this be a reason why they should vote for you?

In the same crowd were many victims of the brutality of the gukurahundi ferried from all the corners of Matebeleland same way they we're forced to attend your party's rallies in the mid eighties by your husband's lieutanants. None of them have ever heard your husband and his party admit to wrongdoing. All they have heard is a barbaric bragging over degrees of violence. None of them has ever received medical help from your government for injuries inflicted by the gukurahundi None of them has seen your government build capital projects such as roads, dams, schools, dip tanks in Matebeleland and the Midlands . Why then will they vote for you?

That vast land you saw stretching from Somhlolo Stadium to all the directions are littered with unmarked mass graves of innocent civilians massacred by your husband's gukurahundi army. Some of the victims were former freedom fighters who liberated this country while you worked for Muzorewa's government. In fact last seasons rains revealed part of the horror your rally audience have witnessed by washing away the little soil that covered the shallow graves our relatives were covered with after being slaughtered by gukurahundi It is highly likely that you majestically walked on a mass grave last Friday. Why do you think Matebeleland and Midlands must show love for their relative's mass murderers by voting ZANU into power?

The vast hardwood timberland whose aerial view you saw from the comfort of your helicopter is being exploited by companies based in Harare who do not employ Lupanians. The same goes for wildlife, gas etc. I challenge you to publicise the list of wildlife conservancy license holders in Lupane You also noticed that most government department's civil masters who graced Somhlolo Stadium belong to your language group only. You think Lupanians will vote for you next year so that you can perpetuate the injustices that they have endured since 1980? Do you think the people in the crowd that gathered at Somhlolo did not realise that most of them came from as far as Plumtree, Ntabazinduna, Hwange, Binga, Dete, Bulawayo, etc? So you think they will vote for your party because you lied that they all came from Lupane.

Do you think the people in the crowd have such short memories not to remember you are on record as saying that they are uneducated, they go to South Africa to bring bicycles and that all they know is to make their wives pregnant. Will they vote for you because you insulted them?

In the crowd you addressed in your language only were Ndebele relatives of the late Honourable David Mpala murdered by your party agents and according to you they will vote for you to thank you for a job well done?

Moses Mzila Ndlovu
Interim President
Alliance for National Salvation (ANSA)

Source - Moses Mzila Ndlovu
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