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Why Zimbabwe must remove the Chinese

26 Jul 2017 at 19:21hrs | Views
Throughout history every discussion that have to do with removal of a certain race from a country was and is still believed to be racism, inhumanity and in worst cases as criminal. That makes the whole thesis of my work more unpalatable to comprehend. First and foremost the subject is delicate l admit, but convincing any reader is beyond my quest, however my quest is to speak from my heart and to speak to someone's heart as well.

To begin with, lets look closely how the Xi Chinese policy of eradicating poverty in China through creating so-called relations with Africa have worked in the best interests of China but dichotomously contrary to Africa. Indeed the Chinese products have flooded the local markets, cheaper and everywhere. It is very true that the Chinese goods that range from everything to all are cheaper the same way it is true that none of them is manufactured locally. What then is for Zimbabwe if none is manufactured local, yes! Zimbabwe becomes a flea market where goods abroad are displayed in order to harness profits from the unfortunate people who do not know how to produce or at least buy from where cheaper items are found. The Chinese are not cultural people, they are nomads and their way of life is directly anti-poled to ours. We have nothing in common and nothing to admire from each other. However they have managed to fit in so well amongst us. With the seal of the politicians in government, the Chinese seems untouchable.

Some people wonder why the government is so fond about the Chinese as our good all weather friend, an ally or a "God" of fortune. Without building any business empire in Zimbabwe, without creating any world class or meaningful project, the Chinese is regarded as a blood brother by the government of Zanupf. Someone must wonder how come?? Its simple, China have corrupted the political bodies in most African countries and Zimbabwe is not an exception. They are only responsible for the long stay in power of zanupf. They fund this party, they campaign for it and they serve its interests. It is China that vetoed against the UN resolution for a military intervention to stop killings in Zimbabwe in 2008. It is China which vindicated and sealed the legitimacy of the sham and null bloody one man election of 2009. It is China which supported a national dialogue even after Zanupf had lost the election in 2008.

Come 2013, the painful news broke out. Zanupf had won the elections that were contested without reforms. Some international observers were banished to oversee the election except the Chinese. One speaker after the other of the Chinese nationality spoke on national television vindicating the victory of zanupf. Confirming and confessing the transparency of the disputed election. This people have no humor and morals not mentioning shame. They insisted that there was peace in Zimbabwe when blood was running down our streets, possibly because they were not affected by the losses Zimbabweans faced. Some were widowed, some orphaned, some crippled in the process yet the Chinese was a stumbling block to any global process to take the matter to the international table of nations. He said there is peace in Zimbabwe when the Zimbabweans were forced to sleep at the base, he said there was peace in Zimbabwe when the people were being terrorized by the zanupf militia and by the military, that is not a secret. Is it?

He bear false witness at the global level when Zimbabwe was supposed to get its redemption. He blocked our redemption and that makes him our enemy not a friend. Even if he gives us rice, even if he builds our military academy where election terrorists are brooded, whether he gives us any aid. We will view it as a cost of doing his business. What was happening at his home when we were in terror by our own government?, his children were safe and comfortable in Beijing and Chinghai while they awaits more money to bleed from Zimbabweans. That comes as profit from doing business.

The Chinese will oversee our elections in 2018, l wonder. Is such a thing possible?? No.. The goddess of distress have once again sealed the fate of our future in the hands of Zanupf. The Chinese are the ones supplying our government with rice to feed and buy elections in rural areas. The Chinese are funding Zanupf campaigns and they are running our elections. God forbid!! No and again No. The Gods must be crazy. Who will quarantine this race from our midst.? Who will stop the looting and all cash crimes they are committing. This race is responsible for the cash crisis we are into. Their shops have no facilities for plastic money transactions, its strictly cash. They do not bank their money even their Robert Mugabe expressed concern over this issue.

If Zimbabwe is to be free, then the gospel of anti-chinese must be preached without seizing. Their activities in mining, must be stopped forth with. They squandered and looted Chiyadzwa, they changed our labor laws to suit their nomadic lifestyle in order to render labor a worthless or if possible a curse that aught to be exploited to death. What did it lead to?, tens of thousands lost their jobs, thousands are on silly chinese jobs that provide no cover at all.

Chinese policy of looting and profiteering is unacceptable and criminal. They desire dictatorship as a welcome means to bolster business. They have found greedy political hyenas', power hungry thieves and partnered them in order to foster an unbreakable alliance that produces hunger, joblessness and distress. The victory of zanupf will be the victory of the Chinese business. To those who do not perceive the Chinese foreign policy, ln short it is a plot to quench poverty at home (China) by creating it abroad ( Zimbabwe).

My fellow cdes, these are not good friends. They do not have a soil they have grown up in Africa. They don't have friends or relatives here. Truth be said, they are international elements. They trot Africa in order to milk its people, its money and its resources. Today they are in Nairobi, tomorrow they are in Kampala, a day after that they are in Harare and next week they are in Maputo. The day real matters of the people are realized in Zimbabwe. First and foremost, this race must be removed completely from our midst.

Source - Believe S. Chikomo
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