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Joshua Nkomo considered a military solution

04 Aug 2017 at 14:04hrs | Views
What I find interesting is the evidence that Joshua Nkomo seriously considered a military solution and went to implore South Africa to be neutral. Obviously South Africa would not have been neutral as it was part of the Gukurahundi orchestrators that included England.

South Africa was never going to allow ZIPRA and uMkhonto We Sizwe ally to be victorious right at its doorstep. At the same time it must be made know that Mugabe had gone to Zambia to make sure that Kaunda was not going to give base to ZIPRA. Remember 1980 independence was rushed because Kaunda did not want ZIPRA anymore(understandable) the people of Zambia had suffered a lot even from smart sanctions.

Another thing, it must not be forgotten Cuba was already working with the winners of the rigged 1980 elections. Add to that in 1982 in Russia, ZIPRA's key ally Brezhnev died and Yuri Andropov succeeded him. Yuri faced his own problems in Russia to be concerned about African liberation movements. To make matters worse he died within a year. But, not only that every other African if not every other black person was not concerned about the Matebeleland cries as they are not today.

They thought everything was Honky Dory save for 3 key groups.

1. Kaunda knew what was to happen and the involvement of the West and South Africa and told Nkomo about the futility of fighting as it was a trap to decimate his people once and for all. After all there was no other nation in history that had done so much damage to the English than the Matebele whether its Pupu, Gadade or the Viscount. To make matters worse they were blood brothers with the Zulus who defeated them at Isandlwana. (By the way I am writing this sitting at the London Hotel where Mtshede and Babayane slept before they went to meet the cancelled meeting with the cowardly Queen-and I am facing a Casino which is where King Cetshwayo boarded a train towards Porstmouth after alighting from the docks which are an eyesight away from where I am).

2. The second group is Mangosuthu Buthelezi and Isilo who sent buses to fetch 'their' people but the apartheid government which was working very closely with Mugabe, the West and Mnangagwa would not allow that.

3. The third group was the Egyptian intelligence. Remember in Egypt in 1961 it was Abdel Nasser who asked Nkomo if he was Ndebele or Shona. Nkomo replied that he was Ndebele and Nasser told him to rush back because the CIA were forming ZANU a Shona Party under his nose. Remember Egypt's intelligence was the best probably in the world after the Suez Crisis etc. By the way under the auspices of the CIA Saddam Hussein also did his High School in Egypt.

It must be clear to all sundry that Matebeleland you are on your own. Remember the CIA formation of ZANU was an open secret to all African leaders such that all countries refused to host their guerilla movement until Machel who never trusted them until the end including Mugabe hesitantly hosted them after strictly offering bases to ZIPRA. Even the ANC whom your fought for and with does not care about you anymore.

I will be unfair and firm. Stop being childish. When after all these sufferings you are expected to be eating meat but you are still on milk, reflected by your tantrums of fighting each other. Your challenges are huge. Wake up from your dogmatic slumber. Yours is a fight to be human. Those who police you and are of you must know they are fighting a losing battle and isibhaxo siyokhala ekhaya kuqala if need be. At times culling the herd can be a solution. Kodwa as Ladysmith Black Mambazo sings, ngiyavuma "Nginethemba bantu bakithi ukuthi namhlanje nonke senibonile, ukuthi lokhu ukuzondana kwenu nodwa angeke kwanisa ndawo, ngempela lokhu ukuzondana kwenu nodwa kufaka izitha phakathi kwenu, ngokungenani mtakababa asihlale phansi sikhulume kunokuba sihlekwe yizizwe nezizwe".

Injobo enhle ithungelwa ebandla. Angeke baniqede in all your diversity (Tonga, Sotho, Tswana, Nambya, Kalanga, Khoisan, Xhosa, Zulu, Swati, Chewa, Venda and others). What binds you together is way way more than what separates you. Away with Sanbalatism Mthwakazi you are on your own. Therefore "Come let us reason together". On CIA briefs, I am only trying to shed light on what you are fighting. It is the CIA that might choose the next leader of that country and hold fast to your principles and fight.

Do not be blown away by any wind because the CIA and the West have crimes against you and do not want you but they are not God. That might explain why the ANC has some form of amnesia with regards to you. Looking at its own battles today, there is so much evidence to that the organisation is CIA infested itself with a lot of Askaris. Remember Mthwakazi, your fight is not only an African fight, it is a fight for all the marginalised people of the world. It is a Godly fight.

A will to live.

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