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We make sure no single seat for MDC-T in Mathebeleland! Come 2018 elections! DE-Campaigning started!

07 Aug 2017 at 18:37hrs | Views
MDC-T should never get a single seat in Mathebeleland come 2018. We shall work hard to make sure they don't! We start the de-campaigning of the party MDC-T as from today until the Election Day! We say enough of MDC-T that beat the hand that fed them!

It's no longer possible to look on at the circus and degradation of women in Zimbabwean politics. An insult to one Zimbabwean woman is an insult to all women and girl-children in Zimbabwe. Madam Thokozani was insulted and humiliated by the President of her party: Tsvangirai himself. We women of Zimbabwe should condemn this collectively. We have seen it and heard enough of it. Enough is enough!  

Richard Morgan Tsvangirai should stop shedding crocodile tears on an act he organized, staged and choreographed. He sends thugs to Bulawayo to thresh a woman together with others of Mathebeleland, who have made him to be what he is today. When he realized that the diplomatic community condemned the beating done to Thokozani, Tsvangirai made a foolish round-about turn: calls a press to vomit his vulgar: as if it's not enough!  To turn around and say it's the work Zanu PF/CIO is shameless and laughable at best! Zanu PF we know it is violent yes but it is the work of MDC-T that beat people and destroyed property!

Who does not know that MDC-T thrives on Mathebeleland vote! People in Mathebeleland of Mathebele ethnic societies have worked hard to give MDC-T a sounding vote. It is Thokozani Khuphe who won elections in Makhokhoba Township against Welshman Ncube, she has tirelessly worked for this party ever since she was elected VP of the party! Indeed she was elected to be VP and not hand-picked. She suffers humiliations in the hands of her Boss Tsvangirai again: he goes on to pick two VPs behind her back: Nelson Chamisa and Mudzuri. The woman called Thokozani Khuphe took the humiliation and she shouldered on.  

We have witnessed in the media a barbaric act yesterday when thugs were sent by Tsvangirai himself to deal with the "rogue" Thoko for defying him, never to go to the farce in Harare sport stadium in the signing of what she did not stand for and believed in!  

We the people of Mathebeleland have known this for a while that Tsvangirai does not trust the people of Mathebeleland but uses them to get the vote he wants. Tsvangirai does not have the people of Mathebeleland in his agenda. People of this region, please wake up and see for yourselves what you have been voting for all along!

Now we need to closely look at the developments done by MDC-T in Mathebeleland during their tenure in the GNU: from 2009 to 2013. Is there a project we can sincerely and tangibly say MDC-T did this; some semblance of development, be it slender or otherwise, developments in the Mathebeleland areas?  

What we now know is that MDC-T comes to Mathebeleland to harvest votes and they forget the area until the next election. There is not a single difference between Zanu PF and MDC-T except their party regalias: the people of Mathebeleland should smell the coffee, they should never allow themselves to be used, abused and at the end of the day their daughter is humiliated by beatings! MDC-T is a party of violence just like Zanu PF.  MDC-T a party supposed to be a party with democratic values but  it prides and pleasures at the beatings of Thokozani by MDC-T thugs. Please give me the bucket!

It is so sad how women are treated in these political parties. Let's start with Zanu PF. We all know how Amai Mujuru was purged out of the party and government. Bur we now witness yet another scenario: how Zanu PF (G40) uses Grace: they put forward Grace Mugabe to get the Presidency from her overly aged husband so that when she manages to grab it: the men hiding behind her will step in and call the shots. Grace Mugabe has no capacity whatsoever to run a party and a government. The youthful girl is used as cannon fodder to get what the men behind her cannot manage to get for whatever reason.

Richard Morgan Tsvangirai's body: from the pictures we see daily; is ravaged: disfigured by colon cancer. Sitting next to MDC-T President is his white wife of black origin. (Very, very beautiful indeed: Mrs. Elizabeth Tsvangirai, in her European hair and her white ambi face) Excuse me please if it sounds sarcastic, some topic for some other day! Would it not have been better if Tsvangirai resigned from politics altogether and gave his cancer-treatment priority? Richard Tsvangirai is making one grave political mistake after another, a sign that he is not well, very ill indeed. This happens only in my country Zimbabwe whereby a sick man like Tsvangirai can still stand for Presidential elections with that questionable bill of health.

Please let me come back to the women's issue again: without women this country will not go anywhere. Men have messed up politically, socially and otherwise. The least we demand from men is respect for women and their contribution in family and community development. Its women, who most of them have kept families ticking, the aspiring President of MDC-T does not know women-gender value, what a shame! Those donors that will pour money in MDC-T account will want gender parity in his organisation. It is for this reason he quickly wanted to repair the damage by giving a false statement, denouncing what he himself stage-managed daylight.  

Equally displeasing is the start of Dr. Moyo's political career in Zimbabwe. What was very noticeable and obvious in his political launch at Meikles Hotel, the complete absence of women in his panel? It was the boys-club calling the shots. A witty woman journalist pertinently asked Dr. Moyo why women were missing in such an important occasion: the start of his political journey, a very important one for the country and indeed himself and his family. That launch can also be: giving someone  a "Business Card" At best he should have brought his wife or his daughter just to remove this trouser-politics in our political landscape. The presidential aspirant: Dr. Moyo is no-where to be heart now dead silent: a topic for another day!

On Saturday the 5th of August, we saw a  big event in Harare unfolding: was just  the same scenario: there was not a single woman in the signing of the so-called coalition document inclusive of MDC-T, Ncube, Bit, and all those other men. All men paraded themselves not taking into consideration that there was absence of women in the panel. It was a complete boys-club. Women sat and watched the bioscope at best on their chairs because it was a men's business.  

When Bill Gates visited Saudi Arabia, he was asked by the King: what they should do to speedy the economic developments in the country. Bill gates replied in desperation and caution: he did not see how if more than half the population, women are deprived of taking active part in the socio-economic development in the region as a whole.

What is so sad about our political developments in Zimbabwe is that there are good capable and experienced women there at home in Zimbabwe who can do a lot in the development of this great nation. It is those women who are not wanted, are sidelined by MDC-T especially. Tsvangirai does not want intellectual challenge. Just like Zanu PF, he would eliminate whoever is seen to be speaking a different language from him, daring to think different.

But we take solace in the fact that young people like Advocate Fadzai Mahere is daring it all. She will not be intimidated by cyber attacks she has endured so far. We say thumbs up to her. Those attacks she endures will mould her to a seasoned politician in future. Even if she did not win the Mt. Pleasant seat this time round, she is still young she will make it in the future: future belongs to them young people.

We sincerely hope that Thokozani has learnt a lot in this sad incidence, hope she will reflect on it, she should never allow herself to be used and chewed and thrown to the dust bin like a used condom by her boss Tsvangirai and MDC-T. At best we advise her to quit the movement altogether, MDC-T is a tribal party movement with a national cover-up. Thokozani should assist in regional politics and help our young girls and young women: offer them empowering skills: so that she at least she has a legacy she leaves behind after politics. We should all be worried about our legacies as women. There is life beyond politics. They do not call politics "dirty trade" for nothing!

We shall work very hard to make sure that MDC-T does not get a single seat in Mathebeleland including Bulawayo the City of Queens and Kings. We ask the people of Mathebelelands to smell the coffee and do what is best for the region. Never again allow yourselves to be used. MDC-T should kiss Mathebeleland goodbye!

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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