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Gugulethu Ncube I hear your cries!

10 Aug 2017 at 17:56hrs | Views
Nomazulu Thata, co-founder of Ntombi-Langa Charity organisation
I hear your crying and you have been crying for a long time now. It is becoming very difficult to ignore your cries. Your cries are just too loud to ignore. You genuinely want help from us and you are not getting it. We have continued to ignore you and hoping you will stop crying without our assistance. It is not the case, your soul is troubled and I think there are many issues in you that are beyond the rape you endured.

I had hoped that after talking about you on Zim eye sometime ago: you did not participate in the discussion; you were going to collect yourself together emotionally and find professional assistance that we cannot give you. Gugulethu I am not a psychologist nor am I a sociologist I am not a legal person either. I am far from these professions to give you qualified assistance.

I sincerely thought you needed somebody who has professional expertise to assist you. I was wrong in that sense. You need warmth, you need somebody who will tell you that you are loved and you are a very important person especially to me because you are a young woman who is supposed to be dreaming high of the future ahead of you.

We have failed you in many ways by not capturing you when you started to cry loud seeking warmth from all of us who call themselves mothers, sisters and daughters of Great Zimbabwe. I invite you Gugulethu to share your sorrows and tribulations with me. I am saying I am there for you in your troubled life. I have Skyped you just yesterday, please respond and we speak as sister-to-sister, daughter-to-daughter, mother-to-daughter, girl-child-to-girl-child, indeed we shall find some common ground to share those sorrows without the social media interfering into your most delicate emotions. You need a shoulder, I do offer mine unreservedly.

I am Nomazulu Thata, co-founder of Ntombi-Langa Charity organisation; in this organisation we hope to give young women and girls some platform to cry out their painful past. This organisation wishes to engage painful experiences of girls and give them some hope and comfort in our own way, however unprofessional it may sound: it will be guided by the values zo Buntu bethu.

My email is: nomazulu.thata(at) Please get in touch.

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Source - Nomazulu Thata
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