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What I learnt from my 7 weakest students

11 Aug 2017 at 18:28hrs | Views
Some time ago I worked at a certain school where a minimum of 80% pass rate was an obligatory achievement for every educator. Failure to attain this minimum standard in each term that passed, was a step closer to your exit! The pressure was great and the competition was fierce among the members as each one tried to impress the superiors and increase his/ her chances of survival. I was no exception. I worked hard, doubled my effort and tripled my commitment. Nevertheless, there was no notable improvements in the classes I was teaching. In fact I got less results than those who were not working as hard.

This boggled my mind. I was at work earlier than everyone, left work later than most, yet there was no notable progress.

After some months, I finally made a breakthrough. I discovered that in each and every class I was teaching, the learners who were preventing me from achieving the required 80%, were the bottom 7 learners. In other words those who limited me from achieving outstanding results were the same weak learners in each and every term. Thus, if these weakest students got lots of help, then the success would be limitless.

I paid less attention to the high fliers or fast learners and gave a lot of my attention to the weakest of bottom 7 learners in each class. I gave the learners more attention, more remedial work, more homework and more help. I focused relentlessly on improving the bottom 7 learners and gave them my all.

Not surprisingly, the pass rate shot up to between 90% to 100% in all the classes I taught.

Do you know that your success is limited my your "7 weakest students" in everything that you do? We have been told to focus on our strengths and talents by some motivational speakers, authors or whatever.... Well, they forgot to tell us that your greatness lies in dealing ruthlessly with your weaknesses. What is limiting you is not your strong points, your skills or strengths. What determines the height of your achievements is how you deal with the seven weakest learners. How you improve on your weakest points determines the height of your achievements.

Focus on improving the weakest department, studying the subject in which you have got the lowest marks, refine your weakest links. The strength of the chain depends on the strength of its weakest link.

In the book of Revelation, chapter 2, God tells the churches that He is happy with the things they are doing right, He however quickly points out that His greatest concern is their 'weakest points", the things which they are getting wrong (seven weakest learners).
The height of your achievements depends on the accurate identification of the seven weakest learners and giving them your full attention. We call them "bottle necks", they have the potential to choke your success, they are the stumbling blocks as you strive towards the attainment of your 100%. In whatever you are doing, I would like you to give yourself some moments of reflection and identify the "seven weakest learners" which are pulling you down.

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Source - Mthokozisi Gwizi
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