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Bulawayo construction cries foul

14 Aug 2017 at 13:58hrs | Views
Once again the Bulawayo construction industry has been left on its knees with its works been delivered to outsiders and its people wanting for an opportunity.

The truth of the matter that from the being of the year most resident contractors in Bulawayo have either closed or are on the brink of closing with it work buckled and watching as construction works are awarded to outsiders that not only engage in corrupt activities to win the contracts and bring it entire work force to live on site depriving locals skilled and unskilled the opportunity support their families.

As recently as last week K.F.C opened its doors of business to the public after the building works had been contracted to Harare based contractor how lived on site during the entire course of the project which is not allowed under certain regulations. At the beginning of the year K.F.C was confronted on it decision on not giving the opportunity to Bulawayo contractors and it claimed that their response was that we only consider big  contractors are based in Harare, to add further insult there have not yet employed any residents from Bulawayo to fill current positions which caused a stir on Saturday morning as residents of Bulawayo demanded their opportunity for employment.

Which K.F.C have now considered.

If you drive through Bulawayo you note that the above system is recurring. As O.K Jason Moyo and Nandos are now are construction with works being undertaken by companies other than Bulawayo resident contractors with the majority of workmen not being local residents, again leaving our residents with no opportunities to fend for themselves.

The truth and the effects of corruption are clear and segregation is seriously crippling the industries in Bulawayo. Will there be no opportunity for residents of Bulawayo where are our MPs our councillors our Mayor. Where is the N.E.C and N.A.S.S.A that ensure regulations is followed.

When filling stations renovations were being carried out in Bulawayo 98% percent of the done to both ZUVA AND TOTAL fillings station where done by companies located outside Bulawayo. Our sources have informed us that it is not that these companies do not have listing of these companies but purely engage those closest to them from their home towns.

It is our plea that the editor reads and sheds some light on the above at it is a duty to the people of Bulawayo. 

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