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What I learnt from an old granny called maMzi

14 Aug 2017 at 18:05hrs | Views
On my way to work I used to pass by an old granny who was popularly known as MaMzi and bought bananas from her almost everyday. This old granny sold fresh fruits in a sparkling clean environment which she swept impressively everyday. I wondered who was helping her carry those large quantities of various fruits to her spazza shop because she didn't look like she had the strength to personally transport the stuff to her selling point.

I loved her enthusiasm and energy which was something not expected from someone of her age. I was however concerned  to see a very old lady of about 70 years old still working so hard. Shouldn't she be resting at her home relaxing with her grandchildren? Doesn't she have children who can take care of her? I wondered.

After some time buying some fruits from her I gathered the courage to tell her a piece of my mind. I said, "Granny MaMzi, you are doing a great job here with your fruit business. I am impressed by your enthusiasm. I can see you command a lot of respect from the people around here. Surely there is a lot that young people can learn from you." Well, judging by her smile, I could tell that she was intrigued by my praises. She probably had not had such praises or appreciation from anyone for a long time. Well, I was not yet done with her….. I continued, "I hope your business will continue to flourish and enable you to employ people who will sell for you so that you may take a rest and relax at home with your grandchildren."
Granny MaMzi responded very slowly and softly, ensuring that I understood every point she made, "My son, what makes you think that I would love to sit at home and relax with my grandchildren?  There is no way I can be in a hurry to forsake my greatest passion of serving people with my business and sit at home doing nothing. You see, if you can stop doing what you are doing and still be happy, then you shouldn't have been doing what you were doing in the first place. Every time I hear your generation talking about the need to plan well and work hard so as to take some early retirement , I am always surprised and quite disappointed. The fact that some people can't wait to take some early retirement from their work reveals that they are not doing what they were born to do. No one who has found his greatest passion would be eager to forsake it. I love it here and have no intention of leaving any time soon. You don't retire from what gives you your greatest fulfillment, it retires with you on your last day on this earth." I was impressed!

Well, I have got some news for you my dear friend from MaMzie, "If you can stop what you are currently doing and still be happy….. you haven't found your purpose yet, keep searching." A great footballer after hanging his boots due to old age, would continue being involved in football one way or the other e.g. open a football academy to benefit youngsters. A great politician after stepping down from his office or political position is likely to start some Foundation for the disabled or abused or an Organization to promote human rights or something. He will still find a way to serve the nation. Your purpose is always thrust upon you and will always accompany you to the grave. Have you found your purpose yet? If yes, why then are you in a hurry to retire from doing it? (To receive a free life-changing inspirational book from Mthokozisi Gwizi, email your request to

Gwizi is an inspirational author and speaker who has written over a hundred inspirational articles for various newspapers and has been a guest speaker on a number of radio stations) - @gwizimotivator

Source - Mthokozisi Gwizi
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