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Grace Mugabe is similar to a fruitless figtree

16 Aug 2017 at 12:00hrs | Views
A figtree in ancient times long back, it was prioritised in Judea, Jerusalem, Samaria, Israel and other places. It was treated with with great care because it provided sweet and delicious fruits and everyone who devoured it  during that time could feel better.

A fruitless figtree exploits the resources, it only acquires nutrients and fails to photosynthesise, other figtrees can try to photosynthesise but produce rotten fruits which only fell down and those fruits are decomposed by fungi and eaten by ants." Meaning that the root causer who led to that incident by acting wild "Robert  Junior" is also compared  to a rotten fruit produced by a fruitless figtree.

Fig tree also provided good shade and shelter to other wildlife creatures.
Literally a simile "Grace Mugabe is a fruitless figtree " briefly explains Grace's personality traits, how she socialize  and interact with the community either regional or international.

The first lady's behaviour is not good at all, she is not tolerant, she is violent, hazardous to the society because she is always involved in fights, quarrels wherever she goes, and we wonder what fruits are being produced by a person who has ambition to be a vice President.

People measure a person through his/her interaction with the society. A good leader is the one who is humble, tolerant, disciplined, able to handle and solve matters in a professional way without violence.

The recent incident whereby Grace Mugabe fought a South African lady with an electrical appliance causing grievous bodily harm (GBH)  clearly indicates that the first lady has got no fruits at all to deliver and disqualifies her to occupy a highest post even the women's league which she leads, it must question this matter and SADC as a regional bloc needs to charge her as a person who violated human rights, diplomatic law and immigration law.

SADC needs to review this and a suitable charge to be given to the first lady without fear or favour. This is an embarrassment to all Zimbabweans and it brings the name "Zimbabwe" into desrepute"

Source - Sikhumbuzo Moyo
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