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Grace Mugabe is fearful for the future: Sons revenge the good life

18 Aug 2017 at 16:26hrs | Views
Many signs tell it all that Dr. Grace is in a panic mode. Her options to remain in Zimbabwe after the imminent death of her husband in Zimbabwe are very frightening to comprehend; she is rightfully scared about what will happen to her and her children when the man called Mugabe decided to call it a day. Grace has made many enemies not only in her party and government but in the country as a whole. If she is smart, apparently she is, will have sensed the danger of staying in Zimbabwe after Mugabe. Buying a posh houses in the leafy suburbs of Johannesburg is an indication or preparations in the event of the death of the Ruler: Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Grace Mugabe and her children are not safe in South Africa after that criminal action she has just done to Gabrielle Engels.   

Painfully too Zimbabwe will never be safe place for her either: whoever takes over from Mugabe, the opposition or Lacoste. The party of Zanu PF is not happy with grace, the Army is not happy with Grace, the ordinary people are not happy about Grace. With Grace Mugabe it's just equal parts pick panic!  Panic mode is in first gear!

Her stage-managed rallies must have given her a false impression that millions of Zimbabwean like her and want her to be the next leader of Zimbabwe. Those freebees she distributed in rallies, she genuinely thinks that they give her extension to still remain in the Statehouse for other donkey years. Does she know that those men and women and children were frog-matched to her rallies? Who loves to listen to Grace's utterances at rallies, some of which are deeply insulting and shameful to listen to: there will be traditional chiefs and school-children present in her rallies: she will be coughing vomit-language to scare the young, poor and the hungry?

It has dawned on her somehow: She has realized she can never be President of Zimbabwe even if her husband- President gave her the post; they are many sections in the Zanu PF party and government who will never allow Dr. Grace to reign over them. Unknowingly or stupidly, Grace has allowed herself to be pepped up to think she can take over the reigns of his hubby, some bedroom arrangement will see her President and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Armed forces and the Police.

The two sons of Grace Mugabe are revenging the good life they are living. They see poverty around them smelling, while they live in the expectations of plenty. They see how families struggle to get their children some good education so that the family is removed from poverty: but them, they enjoy the best education the world can give them. They see street children scavenging foods in bins, some die in the streets; bodies are collected by police for cremations. They see children dying of curable diseases. They see mothers detained in hospitals because they failed to pay hospital fees. They see on Television children picking up maize dropped from abnormal vehicles and delivery trucks, children picking the maize to go and cook mangai/maize-gwadla. On the other hand, the Mugabe boys are in the bubble enjoying life like no other.

They hear their mother kicking and screaming in political rallies, they would rather they did not hear the insults that come out of the mouth of their mother. They would rather they keep the picture of their beautiful mother in their chest. They wish she is a good and beautiful mother. But she showers them goodies; her being a good mother is confirmed by token love. It's spoken at home that their mother can actually be the next Head of State in Zimbabwe, this makes them happy, and they are assured of ever existing bubble: will revenge further to the full.

They read headlines in newspapers: Mrs. Dzamara pleading with the government to at least give her the dead body of her husband if he is dead to give closure to their loss. They read about the Gugurahundi atrocities hounding their father: he cannot leave office:  the main architect of genocide in the 1980s before the two boys were born. They wonder if it's true that it's indeed their father who was the main perpetrator of genocide. They see their father and their mother unmoved about genocide that took place in Zimbabwe.

 They try to look into the dictionary: what does genocide mean! To their utter disgust they understand for once the gravity and the horror of genocide. No child can stand this fact, done by their father, earthly creator! Their lives start to scream inside them, but they cannot quantify or qualify their screaming. The sub-consciousness will not allow it to open up and say the reasons of their screaming, it protect them instead to continue to enjoy the bubble as it lasts.

There is so much at home to live for in this luxurious leafy Statehouse of Harare, a life seemingly without end. There is everything they wish for AND THEY SHALL NOT WANT: instant gratification comes from mama and papa in such a measure unimaginable in Harare but only in Hollywood children in California. They very often holiday in the Far East in posh hotels and rented homes. It is a continuous and unending life holding those silver spoons; everything they want is delivered to them on their bedroom doors the next day.

 It has been a circus-kind of life ever since they were born. With 15 billion dollars missing in our treasury coffers, they can afford to live those standards forever. The houses bought in South Africa by Grace Mugabe are a "Plan B" just in case she cannot live in Zimbabwe; she will relocate to South Africa and continue to live her luxurious life just as it was in the Zimbabwe State House.  

The only element missing in Mugabe home is a warm house, a loving mama and papa, a mother who gives her children warmth and love and not sweets and biscuits, fanta and coca-cola to lullaby them to sleep. There is a lot that these young boys cannot digest consciously: the youthfulness in them together with the sub-consciousness assists the boys to find warmth elsewhere if the warmth they crave for does not exist at home. Papa is now too old to comprehend what is actually happening at home. Mama is not knowledgeable about child-care and the need for warmth in the home: never to replace it with expensive objects and items.

How do two very young and very youthful boys comprehend the difference in age between mama and papa? While mama is beautifully young and very attractive, papa on the other hand is a bag of old bones; NO LONGER ATTRACTIVE LOOKING AT HIM: His whole self is all heaped in a rocking chair; rocking as a sign he is still alive. The day the rocking chair stops rocking is the time they know papa has gone, wherever, revenge will go on as usual.

If the social media is to be believed the Mugabe boy was caught with drugs in Dubai, the father went to quell the execution. Why would they repeat drug consumption after having survived execution! The young Mugabes lived in a posh multi-million flat in Dubai: lived large. Because these young boys are revenging this life of luxury born with it, they do not see the danger of consuming drugs. They do not even realize that they are embarrassing mama and papa. The video that was shown on social media: young Mugabes living large in posh hotel in South Africa: any parent in this world would have been brought to tears. We parents do not laugh at such: the Shona wisdom will tell you that: Mugoni we pwere nde asina pwere yacho.

To compare these young boys with success stories we hear about men and women who made strides from abject poverty homes to success: just to name two; Strive Masiyiwa, Nkosana Moyo and many more, why did these boys miss such stories of successful role models in Zimbabwe itself to emulate from them. The reason could be that they know those men and women: they find such stories not applicable and never to emulate them children of the first family. Alone their father Robert Mugabe comes from very humble background. The way of life of these boys: luxurious lives are deeply internalized: only revenge remains; to live it to the full as they do not know how the future looks like, they are not mindful of it either. They never learnt to see beyond their father as President and his imminent death. As a matter of fact the father could easily have been the grandfather to them all.

What remains in these boys or young men is revenge, revenge, and revenge! The mother who is supposed to mother 14 million children in Zimbabwe is openly failing to give the two boys a warm home, her warm heart so that the boys do not find warmth in drugs, alcohol and sex. Her brutal attack on a helpless young girl of 20 years: Gabrielle Engels is a clear sign of desperation and anxiety. She does not know what day and night will bring her and her children if South Africa will be no-go-area for her. She will never survive in South Africa, she will be lynched, at worst; the children are in absolute danger in South Africa than in Zimbabwe. Those houses she is buying will be white elephants in the future. Vato mumaka izvozvi!

Recently, I was talking to a family friend in Scotland: Dr. Clifford Chigaru. He comes from a large family of high achievers. He is a surgeon by profession for many years. He reminded me of the time in his life when he was named: umfana we mbhida by the neighbourhood!  It simply means that he sold his mother's vegetables to get school fees for him ever to go to Thegwane Mission, one of the best secondary schools in Rhodesia back them. I wonder if these Mugabe boys would believe his life's story if they saw him surgically operating patients at an operation theatre hospital in Scotland. Instead of listening to him they would rather they revenge further. That is their tool: the weapon left in their disposal just to revenge the lives their parents exposed them. Ngatitambei nezvimwe: chitupa hachiwachkwi! Ne Mnwana haawachkwi!


Nomazulu Thata is Co-founder and Director for Ntombi-Langa Charity and a mother.  This article and the contents of it are purely her personal opinion.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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