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The irrationality of it all

22 Aug 2017 at 07:05hrs | Views

Every society demands progress and those that lead it must continually demonstrate not only their competence, but their moral obligation and self responsibility to do whatever it takes to enhance the quality of life and the plight of citizens.

Every society  naturally demands development and the continual judgement of its leaders in their ability to create that development.

Every society demands accountability of those who lead it so that they stay on track and do not abuse the privileges and the powers given to them to allow them to lead.

When all these are not in place, are either flouted or disregarded, every society has the  obligation to do whatever is necessary to  replace those who have failed to lead.

Without this societies regress and underdevelop. Poverty and underdevelopment become the consequences.

In my opinion no citizen in their right mind can support a leadership which has repeatedly failed and demonstrated it's inability and incompetence in all spheres.

There is no way our society can become viable until we elect a new leadership and create a new narrative.

The question is are those we are expecting to take over able to grasp the depth and extent of the enormous responsibility of creating a new society in Zimbabwe?

Do they have the depth the integrity the morals the competence and the intention and motivation to create the Zimbabwe we imagine?

Can politics of contestation for seats and positions at all costs even at the expense of unity instead of contestation of ideas deliver?

God help Zimbabwe!

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Source - Vince Musewe - Economist
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