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What I Learnt From Robin Sharma

22 Aug 2017 at 21:03hrs | Views
1. Great Ideas not executed are great ideas wasted. You get paid to get gargantuan results done. And easy is never the route to legendary. Talk less. Deliver more.

2. Winning starts with beginning. Today's a fine day to begin your best life. There's tremendous power in a start.

3. You've been built for world-class. But how can you expect greatness if you don't know and fail to run the rituals and routines of the great ones? Learn them. Then do them.

4. The bigger the dream, the more important the team. You can't rise to epic alone. Get brilliant at surrounding yourself with "a band of Picassos". And then, mentor them, challenge them and help them believe in the heroic. The job of a leader is to grow more leaders.

5. Your personal story becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy. Your income reflects your identity and your impact on the world is determined by the psychology of your mind. Do big work here.

6. Your genetics do not determine your genius. Your mindsets, heartsets, healthsets and soulsets are the absolute foundations of massive success. Please learn and apply. Install the right ones and you'll be guaranteed rare-air results.

7. Last year's world-record is this year's starting point. For the A-Player.

8. Energy is more valuable than intelligence. With enthusiasm, you get more done in a day than your competition gets done in a month. Try intermittent fasting. The energy spent on digestion gets freed up for production. And remembe, the person who helps the most people wins.

9. With better awareness, you will see better choices; with better daily choices, you will see better daily results.

10. Be masterclassly good at what you do. And sustain it.

11. Granularity breeds superficiality over time, if not optimized.

12. Only misfits and oddballs change the world. It's cool to be different.

13. What you now find easy, you once found difficult. Stay consistent. Do not stop.

14. All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.
15. World-class is a lonely sport. The only person you will ever have your whole life is you. Approve yourself. Love yourself.
16. You can be addicted to you phone and television or you can be world-class. You can't be both!
17. When you are inspired, your body moves differently because you restructure your neural architecture. Set up your victory move. And practice it daily.
18. There are 2 economies: Income and Impact. Both of them matter; because prosperity without adding value to others will leave you empty.
19. Replace the psychology of can't with the mentality of can. Every epic performer + legendary leader is a possibilitarian.
20. The great ones outprepare, outstudy, outpractice, outsmart everyone around them. And so in a world of average players caught up in trivial pursuits, you will win.
21. You have to do the things the 95% won't do to get the results only 5% get.
22. Every distraction costs you a fortune.
23. Use your suffering as your purification process, to install the strengths of the great masters. Your greatest growth lives on the jagged edges of your darket pain.
24.  Install in yourself the mindset of undeatfability, monomaniacal focus, lead mightily and stand for love in the presence of hate.
25. Consistency is the DNA of mastery. What you do everyday matters so much more than what you do once a quarter.
26. Life is too short to play small. Go big and benefit the world.
27. The greatest gift you can give is the present of your presence to all those who matter to you.
28. Micro-wins (small wins) are keys to being the BIW (Best In the World), after10 years of consistent practice.
29. When people throw rocks at you, use them to construct monuments to your mastery.
30. Until your mission becomes your obsession, your craft will never become your genius.
31. Take some rest. Elite performance without deep recovery leads to depletion.
32. True power is being an instrument of service. And seeing your work as a ministry for the benefit of humanity. Watches and handbags, titles and cars, social status and public applause won't matter at the end of your life.  
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Source - Mthokozi Gwizi
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