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Chirorodziva, the myths of Sinoia caves

24 Aug 2017 at 09:36hrs | Views
Sinoia Caves is found along Chirundu road just about 12km from Mashonaland West town of Chinhoyi.
It was a very famous place in those far early days, the caves and the pool almost broke the records for the Legends because of their sacredness.

The cave was a place of no return if one would not follow normal procedure.

People were not allowed to panic if they had seen something strange in the cave, even snakes, baboons and monkeys.

Most visitors got lost in the caves one of the visitors who got lost in the caves was subsequently found outside the caves on the way to Sinoia for assistance.

There is a pool inside the cave with blue waters; the pool was named Chirorodziva because many people perished inside it in an attempt to cross it.

Some disappeared in the caves due to mysterious occurrences.

It was said the school boy from the then Salisbury entered the Caves and got lost.

The responsible authority was informed and a search was conducted, but he was nowhere to be found.
Furthermore, a man swum across the sleeping pool and recessed.

A white farmer from nearby Umboe used to bring some oranges to the Caves as an offer at every Christmas day.

One of the days he did so and went into the caves and said good bye to his friends and was nowhere to be seen again.

Allegations are that his skeleton was found inside the Cave by the police but was never extracted.
The funeral service was conducted at the mouth of the Cave in honour of this man.

In these dramatic events the police had allegedly found clothes, leather belt and tennis shoes in the Cave.

Legends say that they is tunnel from Senoia to Kariba at a place known as Kaburi but to date no scientific evidence have been found regarding this suggestion.

Visitors were not allowed to comment anything they had seen in the Cave and it was regarded as a taboo to comment or panic.

A visitor tried to throw stones across the pool but he did not succeed in this task to reach at the end of the pool as stone just fell in the waters.                

Source - Givestar Kamuzonde
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