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English made easy by the Language Coach - November English exams study corner

24 Aug 2017 at 19:15hrs | Views
Hello to all our O 'Level candidates for 2017. I am here to give you some handy hints on how to come out with a straight A for your Zimsec O'Levels. This week we shall look at how to write a speech. For those writing next week I shall start with general tips, for exam writing which were published earlier in the year.


 - Buy a dictionary for word meaning and spelling.
 - Buy the Zimsec Green Book for revision.
 - Avoid purchasing the pirated version from the street which may have errors because it is not the original.
 -  This also promotes the defrauding of Zimsec through infringement of copyright.
 - English language revision is made up of practice work in text books such as Step Ahead Book 3 by Shimmer Chinodya which has excellent remedial exercises.
 - Do past papers by yourself.
 - Mark the past papers yourself
 - Take English extra lessons.
 - One on one lessons are better than those in a class set up.
 - Lessons in a small group are also an advantage.
 - Ensure that teachers for remedial lessons have the correct qualifications and teach at a regular formal school.
 - Beware of bogus teachers who have never seen the door of a teacher's college but are totally clueless and want to make a quick buck.
 - Join the local library and read widely to build good vocabulary and composition skills.
 - Spent hours usually used on activities such as social networking to read the newspaper,magazines and novels to improve spelling,grammar,sentence construction,vocabulary and composition.
 - Do all given homework unless you plan to fail.
 - Know the English Language syllabus.
 - Currently, Paper One is Free Composition in Section A and Guided Composition in Section B.

 - Paper two which is now marked by computer is made up of comprehension and summary in Section A and Register in Section B.
 -  Know how to master the skills required in each section.
 - If registered to write as an external student make sure that the college involved has it's house in order.
 - Practise your English by taking part in activities that help improve your writing.

E.g Write a letter to a rural friend or family member using snail mail.
Write a book review.
Write a speech for a school function.
Write a report for your club or sport.
Write an article for the school magazine.
Write a short story for the school publication.

 - Make your dictionary your best friend.
 - Write as many past papers as you can.
 - If you are a repeat student who keeps getting D's while studying alone it's time to get the help of a teacher or that D will never change.
 - Time yourself as you write past papers.
 - Paper One is one and a half hours,Paper Two is two hours.
 - Find someone to mark your essays.
 - Work hard to pass your English because it is a mandatory requirement for proceeding to A 'Level.


 - Always greet the audience in the first sentence.
 - Give opening remarks.
 - Write in paragraphs.
 - You may use any tense in English.
 - You may use the first person e.g. I, we, us, etc.
 - You may quote famous people.
 - Give closing remarks.
 - Expand on points given.
 - Write about three quarters of a page.
Use correct grammar.

The Language Coach is a qualified English Language teacher with a BA General English she may be contacted via whatsapp on 0713255687. You may get more details on study materials on the given number.

Source - Language Coach
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