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What l Learnt From A Stupid Chimpanzee

25 Aug 2017 at 14:56hrs | Views
My father loves animals or T.V Shows which show various animals. He used to buy DVDs of animal films and watch them by himself on his lonely chair. Me and my little sister didn't fancy watching confused animals running around the forests so we went to the kitchen and enjoyed our orange juice and left him when it was time to this boring animal show in the sitting room.

One day i so happened to watch the animal film with my dad and pretend to like it just for the sake of impressing him. He was excited that i had finally seen the light of how exciting the animal films were. I wore my oversize exaggerated smile just to impress him.

In one of the incidents in the film, there was a chimpanzee in a zoo which threw some apples on a bucket which was hanging on short tree. The bucket had a hole at the bottom so every time the chimpanzee threw the apples in, they came out through the hole at the bottom of the bucket. The chimpanzee kept on throwing the apples in and the apples kept coming out. It did so until it was exhausted. 'stupid chimpanzee', i thought to myself as i looked at dad being overexcited about this chimpanzee's stupidity.

Now looking back and looking around, i can see many incidents which resemble what i saw with my dad. I see people who earn much every month yet there seems to be a hole of financial indiscipline at the bottom of the bucket which leaks all the apples (cash) by reckless spending and failure to save.
Yes, i can see the lucky companies who get fortunate enough to recruit some of the best staff and lose them quicker than they hired them through the bottom bucket hole of none payments and lack of personnel management .

The apples are diligently thrown into the bucket by they cannot stay in for a reasonable number of minutes due the bottom hole which remains unattended.

Churches go all out with prayer, fasting and evangelism to win souls, only for the new members to quickly exit through the bucket hole (lack of love and acceptance).

Yes, i see people around me have been blessed with wonderful potential partners pushing them away because of their tempter, attitude or difficult personalities. They try do hard to get new apples, yet they don't start by spending time mending the holes and fixing the leakages pushing their beautiful apples away. Vanity of vanities cries Gwizi The Motivator

Everywhere i turn i see frustrated 'chimpanzees' working so hard yet yielding not much fruit because of the bucket hole releasing all the great works of their labour. Then i said unto myself, 'vanity of vanities' surely this is vanity and chasing after wind. I don't know which area of your life is leaking some precious apples, stop throwing in any more apples and shut that leaking bucket. Then shall we all have noticeable progress.

(Gwizi is an inspirational author who writes for various magazines and newspapers. He has been a guest speaker on various radio stations. Kindly send your feedback of his writings to

Source - Mthokozisi Gwizi
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