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What I Learnt From Mayweather's Remarkable Achievement

28 Aug 2017 at 21:39hrs | Views
(Warning: The following article may change your life)

When a boxing champion wins 50 matches and never loses even a single match in his career, his astonishing achievement will obviously catch the attention of The Motivator. How did this record-breaking champion and history making-legend attain this achievement and what can we learn from him and his matches?

Number 1: Strike A Few Effective Blows That Matter.
In his 2015 match against Pacquino, the champion Mayweather spent most of the time running away from his opponent, only to hit back his opponent on a few occasions but still come out as the winner. The opponent chased Mayweather inside the ring, threw lots of punches at him and still lost! 'Vanity of vanities' cries Gwizi The Motivator, what shall it profit a man to work so hard in the ring and come out empty handed? It's not about how many unnecessary aimless punches you pull out, it's about how many effective punches you perfectly deliver to give you the winning points. It's not about doing so much unnecessary things, it's about focusing on the few tasks which matter the most. Champions know the bottom line, they don't major on the minor trivial things, they are only concerned about the effective blows and well calculated punches that matter.

You can't defeat Mayweather by being all over the place, running all over the ring and releasing hundreds of useless punches hitting nothing. Focus on your key result area and spend less energy on anything else that doesn't add value. Champions have their eyes fixed on the prize, they have laser-like focus on what matters the most, they are economic about how, when and where they spend their energy.

Maybe we should reduce our time spent on social media, T.V and lots of other leisure and pleasure to focus more on the treasure. Apply the 80/20 rule to everything. Twenty percent of your activities will account for 80% of your results. Always concentrate your efforts on that 20% of your tasks which gives you 80% output. Since you can't do everything, you must learn to deliberately put aside things that are of low value so that you may do the few things that really count. Deliver only the punches that matter, your life is very short in this world. Mayweather always asked himself this question throughout the fight, 'Will what i am doing (the punches i am making) going to give me points or going to matter to the judges at the end of the fight?'' Is what you are doing going to matter in ten yes time or when you are on your death-bed? If not, it may be high time you choose your punches wisely.

Number 2: Watch Your Pace!
After his match against McGregor, Mayweather said ''I let him shoot his heavy shots early on so that he can get tired, and then take him down at the end.'' Mayweather plans his game-plan perfectly. He allowed the overzealous opponent to waste all his energy in the beginning and then he raised his game later to seal his victory. Champions know how to pace themselves in such a way that they will have enough energy throughout the match and then turn on the power towards the end to kill off the match as a contest. There are so many people with a pacing-problem, if you are one of the few who has mastered the art of effective pacing of the game like Mayweather, welcome the the champions club.

When we were at primary school, I remember a guy who used to sprint with a frightening speed the first two rounds when we were running 4 rounds. He would leave the rest of us far behind by far and then got very exhausted. By the time we finished four-rounds, he would be number last, every time! Pacing- problem.

I think you know of Christians who shout a lot and run around the church kicking the air in excitement during the first hour of an all night prayer, by the time we finish the second-hour, they are fast asleep. Why? Pacing problem!

I know of aspiring musicians and authors who excitedly tell you about their plans to release a book or album soon; especially early January or end of December when they are over-excited about the coming new year and making all manner of wow new year's resolutions. They start off like a house on fire but before the end of February they would have thrown off their manuscript or demo into the dustbin. How sad? Pacing problem! This is vanity of vanities says Gwizi The Motivator, what shall it profit a man to show a lady uncommon love during the first 3 weeks of marriage and fade away into a useless husband after 3 months.

Well, Mayweather does not have such a problem. The man has perfect timing, good pacing and a superior game plan. Am I right or am I right?

Number 3: Talk Less Deliver More
McGregor talked too much before his loss to the champion, but the champ delivered more in the ring and less from his month. When you talk too much about what you are capable of, you raise our expectations; then when you don't deliver up-to the standards contained in the big diamond box of the promise you made, even if your performance deserved some appreciation we just focus on your unfortunate unexpected embarrassing elimination.

Gwizi is an award-winning inspirational author who has written over a hundred inspirational articles for various newspapers and magazines; and spoken on a number of radio stations. Send your feedback to

Source - Mthokozisi Gwizi
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