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Zodwa Wabantu Versus Zodwa WaNhira

06 Sep 2017 at 14:49hrs | Views
I have followed the attempted capture by Nhira of Zodwa Wabantu with keen interest and noted an amazing irony in the whole saga. Wabantu means she belongs to the people yet Nhira tried to capture her publicity and appropriate it to herself.

The entire Cabinet was seized with the matter of her panties, yet long ago the then Finance Minister Mr Tendai Biti remarked that Zimbabwean women were queuing for second hand used panties to buy due to the economic difficulties to which the Cabinet has failed to resolve as flea markets are selling used panties for to the Zimbabwean women from all over the world. Perhaps Zodwa Wabantu's panties are also part of the merchandise being sold in the flea markets.

The Ministers described her pantyless stunt as disgusting. Methinks what is disgusting is for any country to allow its women to wear used discarded women panties from all over the world. I was also intrigued as to how the Ministers were supposed to establish that Zodwa was pantyless. Maybe one of them would be appointed to follow her and wait for the opportune moment to peep? How shallow will this country get? Can we please have them zeal in stocking hospitals that have now become death houses? Zodwa's panties will not solve the cash crisis.

But the Babongile Sikhonjwa for the deportation of Nhira gets the award. I have listened it to it countless times and the response from the South African embassy is classic. The gentleman unaware of the prank nails it when he argues that they are so many Zimbabweans in south Africa that finding Anne Nhira will take more than 2 weeks. Anne Nhira has enjoyed the hospitality of South Africa for more than 10 years. She has failed to make the grade because of her limited talents.

She arrogantly calls for Zodwa to be banned from Zimbabwe because she is a foreigner taking away jobs from locals. We also claim that we are more educated than South Africans notwithstanding that we have no country. However Anne Nhira's ignorance is beyond redemption. She is part of the more than 3 million Zimbabweans competing with South Africans for social amenities and literally living from the benevolence of its people. The thinking that South Africa owes Africa anything is  pure madness.

She must come back to Zimbabwe and I urge all South African movie houses to shun her and the Home Affairs department to deport her to Zimbabwe. She cannot pretend that it is right for her to stay in South Africa for 10 years and it wrong for Zodwa to come to Zimbabwe for 10 minutes. She is hypocrite and a failure that thinks bringing someone down is success. In the words of Zodwa Wabantu "she is talking nonsense" and I agree. Uyabheda. Its not Zodwa WaNhira its Zodwa Wabantu and abantu bayamfuna. Asifuni bumbulu.

Yours Sincerely
L . Dube

Source - Lindani Dube
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