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Zodwa did not have her political panties on says Stanley Goreraza

10 Sep 2017 at 23:24hrs | Views
Thoughts on the just ended Interface!!

Some of us have to watch it on the internet where the reception is not always the best, but I found it to be a political carnival, featuring a political Zodwa who did not have her political panties on, and had everyone stunned.

Zodwa humiliated the crocodile dancers who were left without their pants on. Who needs the original Zodwa when we have one who can put on such a shocking performance in public!

On a serious note: Gushungo knows he needs the Midlands and Masvingo in the next elections and without Mnangagwa he would lose both provinces which would result in him losing the elections. He is a calculating operator unlike Zodwa who just dances to any song showing her secret treats.

Gushungo will act after the elections by weakening Mnangagwa, reducing his succession chances at a future extraordinary congress to elect a new leader.

He is delicately balancing volatile politics mindful if Mnangagwa falls at this turn, Zanupf falls with him. It's a risk he isn't taking. Gushungo does not move with emotions but logic and logic is how you survive in the political jungle. Instincts will get you extinct and Gushungo looks like an experienced hunter and gatherer, moving when he feels the weather about to get unfriendly. He mixes slaps and back rubs, slapping you then rubbing you in massage motions. You get angry and in two seconds you are giggling. Clever man.

Zanupf is not going to survive without him. There are two Zanupf's and two machongwe arikurira and when the man is gone it will be official.

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Source - Stanley Goreraza
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