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If ZANU PF's finger is not on election trigger, risk of misfire remains HIGH

11 Sep 2017 at 13:42hrs | Views
Never before has Zimbabwe had a situation where the leaders of the major party are so little liked.
Laws are like sausages: it is better not to see them being made.

There may be argument about whether or not this epigram originated with Otto van Bismarck. But what is not in doubt is that it has never been bettered as a description of the political process.

Its application to Vice President being dressed down before the nation is especially apt. VP is not the first Zimbabwean politician to have been lambasted and asked to go when it comes to campaign succession and conflicts of interest.

Rarely, though, are the unsavoury facts of politics on show for all to see as they were in Bindura last week.

That makes the performance of the speakers under cross-examination more damaging than if the record had been corrected in the usual manner, quietly and without immediate scrutiny. The masses certainly seems to think so. Why else would it be  prudent to crate head lines which are negative. What is the reason for the party to tear itself up and attack each other in public. What happens to Ubuntu Hunhu. Our survival series will hit a snag and am seeing a repeat of 2008 scenarioens.

We are pressing a self destructive button that's why opposition are silent about all our infighting. The are looking in glee as we throttle each other to death. Why would they be bothered if they are being assisted. If we do not do it right now surely we sre doomed.

Seizing on Our woes is the greatest present for the opposition. Our behaviour is not a sign of bravery but an own goal.  
Rifts are further dividing the party and most views people are saying we will meet in the ballot box and some have indicated that they are not going to vote while the last group were saying will vote for the opposition

Analysis so far indicate that inasmuch we are decampaigning each other we need each other more than anything else

People were asking when ZANU PF will begin to campaign as what is currently going on is decampaigning each other and the party as well. ZANU PF is not in any way being good to itself and an overhaul of strategy is now needed.

Whether or not We proceed to an early election, a ZANU PF vote against A COALITION reintroduced would reinforce the suspicions about Its unity that were amplified at the youth interface. President Mugabe does already hold one trigger for a double dissolution election, but the failed attempt to elbow the Stalwarts is hardly one to build a campaign on.

If ZANU PF's stumbling over itself is  to be the catalyst for an improvement in the Coalition's polling numbers, then as party we are doomed.  

Analysts are deeply divided - even more so than normal - on the impact of the stripping each other nak*d in public. It is true that while Other leaders took a significant hit, there was no smoking gun and that they would survive as leaders. While others by contrast, wrote that Those being targeted should think about stepping down. May it is a great show of maturity. One wonders what will happen if they also take to the mike.
Has youth Interface been hijacked.

The disagreement about the broader long-term implications of These performances is a reflection of the novelty of Zimbabwe's current political predicament. Never before has ZANU PF had a situation where the leaders of both factions are so belittled if not loathed; where the polls are this close.

These novel variables make predictions even more difficult than in the past. We are digging our own graves.  People can cheer at us but indeed they have a bigger say too.  

Ever since our washing of dirty clothes in public we have been struggling to come up with a formula to win public confidence. Public spat is not public confidence. None of it has worked - not even frightening the living daylights out of the voters over national security or trying to wedge some leaders as being "soft on terror".

Maybe public show of unity will do the trick this public performance will do the trick. It could enable the Party to handcuff our ills  without the annoying problems that any substantive discussion of inter party relations reform entails.

There is such a disaster for the Party if we simply refuses to countenance any substantive discussion of reform and discipline in private.

Mugabe's  leadership ratings and his standing as preferred president have improved since the beginning of the year, but his legacy is being tainted by these factious fights.

While the opposition standing is hardly anything to write home about either. But the way we are making public embarrassments for ourselves we are giving them some credence.  Tsvangirai impregnated abwoman recently this self destructive event by Tsvangirai was overshadowed by our infights and public disgracing ourselves.

Province by province  and seat by seat, the picture is much worse for us.
We can take comfort in the ecstatic crowds but they are the same ones who voice their shame and bury their heads in sand. Wondering for how long are we to be embarrassed like this.

If we want the opposition not to recover any of the seats lost at the last election we must start to act responsibly.
In Chinhoyi interface. The First Lady said. "When I am wrong please tell me.  I am human I make mistakes. ". The problem is the praise singers who pretend to love her. The president in his Wisdom in Bindura said.  " there are people pretending to love me and committing crimes in my name" he pointed out that NPC wanted to take power and coined the name G40. Now we know G40 exists and Lacoste does. Why not be fair talk to them in private come out in the open with one word. Leaders must speak with one voice.
This is not the time to confuse the voters. Divided we fall. United we stand.  

However, that is the end of the good news for us if we continue punching those who are not punching back.

A campaign in these circumstances would render the move unworkable with the likelihood of several more microparty crossbenchers kicking the ball off the target. That should be a significant factor in Our thinking.

The mere presence of a couple more united gatherings  may help keep Opposition off balance. However, the risks attached to going the next step and having a go at each other ought to be enough to convince Our leaders to keep their powder dry for the time being.

We can not allow people to settle their old scores by betraying the struggle.  
Nobody owns the party and no one is bigger than the party. The president said it well he said " I will never chose a successor." A successor has to be chosen at an elective congress.
What on earth are we doing?

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Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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