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'There is very little to learn from someone who has no trace of insanity'

16 Sep 2017 at 22:43hrs | Views
Ryton Dzimiri
To anyone who is carrying out a Design Project, l have a very unconventional tip for you.

For your project to emerge unique and completely groundbreaking, you have to seek opinion mostly from people regarded as partially insane. Insanity itself could mean an alternative way of thinking.

There is no point in asking a sane person how to improve roads becacuse he will tell you about laying tar. A partially insane thinker will come up with very unconventional ideas ranging from using conveyor belts or laying solar roads.

Partially insane people have given this World more technology than regular sane people. What you will get after asking a sane person is a sane conventional and common idea.

Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein are figures never to be forgetten. Their trace of insanity changed civilisation in the entire Universe.
We can now send probes to Jupiter and Mars because of unconventional thinkers. Conventional is stagnant, boring, repetetive and dull.

If culture makers used more of insane opinions, poverty would long had been eradicated.

Our Schools and Universities still use the old method of vetting students by the criterior of pass. What they don't realise is that partially insane students will always fail a conventional test. Their brains are knitted differently and what convention thinks is correct, is actually wrong in an alternative thought. That alternative thought could eventually prove to be the intelligence from another galaxy.

With that, l issue a quotation of the century which, if followed, could revolutionise some projects.

"There is very little to learn from someone who has no trace of insanity."

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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