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Ndebele Royal Crisis-Two Kings,One Nation

20 Sep 2017 at 12:15hrs | Views
Khumalo clan elders and some traditional leaders in Matabeleland must be held accountable for the current royal crisis that allowed controversial Stanley Raphael Khumalo to seize the opportunity and declare himself the new king of Mthwakazi nation.

The royal crisis and confusion could have been prevented had the Khumalos and the chiefs identified the heir to the vacant throne long back. While the Khumalo clan elders were busy squabbling over who should be the next king, self declaredStanley seized the opportunity and declared himself the heir to the throne.

Although some in Matabeleland have dismissed Stanley as a Zanu project, the self-declared king has succeeded in building himself a strong support base in rural Matabeleland and some parts of the Midlands province.

Stanley, who calls himself Mzilikazi 11, is controversial, fearless, radical and an extremist.His bold statements have won him many supporters during his meet the people tours in the rural areas.

Stanley says God spoke to him in a vision while still in the United Kingdom (UK). In the vision he says God told him to return home and lead his people.He says he is a direct descendant of King Lobhengula, the last ruler of the Ndebele state which was known as Mthwakazi.

Mzilikazi 11 has already ruffled feathers in political circles in Matabeleland and shaken the corridors of power in Harare.His threat to do away with the Zimbabwe flag sent cold shivers down the spines of  
Zanu leaders in government.

Stanley has also asked president Robert Mugabe to hand over keys to the state house claiming it was the residence of king Lobhengula before the British colonised the Ndebele state.

The Ndebele are an amalgamation of different ethnic groups that include the Nguni, Kalanga, Sotho, Venda and others.

The people of the region have been like a sheep without a shepherd since the demise of their kingdom in November 1893.The process to choose a new king began in 1997 at a meeting held at Amakhosi Centre in Bulawayo. That meeting was attended by Matabeleland's most senior chief, Khayisa Ndiweni.In August this year, after waiting for 20 years for a king, Khumalo elders announced that they had identified 32-year-old South African national, Bulelani Lobhengula Khumalo as the heir to the vacant throne.According to the elders, Bulelani, who is said to be in the military, is a direct descendant of King Lobhengula.The appointment of the Eastern Cape-born Bulelani has been received with mixed feelings in Matabeleland.Some say he has no clue about issues affecting his people in Matabeleland.

But his followers say the young man is well informed about the problems of the Ndebele people.Bulelani, who lives in Pretoria is the grandson of Mncedisi, the son of Rhodes Lobhengula Khumalo, one of the king's grandsons who founded Highlanders Football Club in 1926.

The Khumalos should not throw Stanley to the wolves.He and the crown prince Bulelani should work together as a team.There are powerful individuals with financial muscle who have been funding Stanley Khumalo's meet the people tours.

The appointment of Bulelani has been welcomed by political parties that include Mthwakazi Republic Party(MRP) led by Mqondisi Moyo and the Patriotic Alliance of Mthwakazi Unions(PAMU).

Source - Tafara Shumba
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