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President Trump a threat to world peace

21 Sep 2017 at 06:19hrs | Views
US President Donald Trump's inaugural address of the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday shocked many political players the world over due to the American government's intransigence and threat to use violence in cases where dialogue would produce mutually beneficial solutions.

Trump undiplomatically singled out North Korea and Iran as "rogue" nations that deserved military punishment by the American military.

In his address, which many expected would focus on his vision for international engagement against the background of the polarization facing the world following military conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and several other countries. The Republican Trump chose to parrot the militarism that has become the equivalence of American diplomacy in its international engagements.

President Trump proudly announced that America would increase its military spending to US$700 billion to become the strongest nation. The current environment does not call for such gigantic military spending but investment in health, education and peaceful diplomacy in search of solutions to political challenges worldwide.

Trump contradicted himself when he claimed that America respected the sovereignty of fellow nation states. In the same breath, he described North Korea as a "rogue depraved regime". He threatened that the US would "totally destroy" North Korea on account of its sovereign decision to develop self-defense military capabilities.

The chaos created by American militarism in Iraq is testimony of the chaos caused by the American foreign policy which has been reduced to one word: bombing. Peaceful diplomacy does not require such military spending but diplomatic engagement.

Trump accused Iran of being an "economically depleted rogue state whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed and chaos". This characterization is based on religious stereotyping which was evident in Trump's blanket ban of Muslims from visiting the US.

In contrast, President Mugabe, who is expected to address the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday, is expected to call for reform of the Security Council to dilute the power of such war mongers as the US to protect weaker nations such as Venezuela, Cuba and Zimbabwe from such military adventurism.

President Mugabe, as per his usual statesmanship, is expected to challenge the imperial North Americans and Western Europeans to create a level trading ground for developing nations to have access to their markets at fair prices for their products. Africa and other developing regions such as in Asia need fair trade more than aid.

Zimbabwe does not pose a military threat to any of its neighbors in the same manner the US conducts live-fire military drills on the door step of North Korea, prompting the reclusive North Koreans to seek to develop their defense capabilities against the marauding Americans.

Zimbabwe's foreign policy is based on the principle pf peaceful co-existence with other nations in pursuit of development for all citizens.

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Source - Tererai Danga
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