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Chief Gumede of Yeoville an opportunist and big derailer of Mthwakazi Agenda

28 Sep 2017 at 14:53hrs | Views
My warm greetings to all Mthwakazi people from all corners of the world.

In my edition of today I want to expose Albert Gumede who some of you regards as one of us yet he is the big enemy of Mthwakazi restoration agenda.

The Yeoville Chief who masquerade as Mthwakazi Chief on the benevelonce of IButho LeNqama and other progressive Mthwakazi people who in few years back sat down and thought of coming up with someone who was going to unite our people in SA. As it is the norm that the wicked prevail over the innocent ones, Albert Gumede ended up being the man to take that throne he has since abused from day one he was given the mandate.

All the initiators of this noble cause which was meant to be a rallying point for our people ended up deserted Gumede because of his emptiness and lack of leadership qualities, instead has single handedly destroyed the people's noble idea.

Lest we forget who Albert Gumede is, he is the business mogul who in two yeas back Report Phelekezela Mphoko thanked in the media that he donated $20 000 in support of ZANU pf conference held in Victoria Falls , up to today he has never exonerated himself from that statement from Mphoko.

A lot of people have a lot of unanswered questions about this Gumede because he uses his rand muscle to destroy everything that Mthwakazi is genuinely building. In 2016 on January 23 he took some few guys with him to Sandlwana in Durban on the pretext that he is well connected to king Goodwill Zwelithini, it is in that gathering where he connived with the then leader of MLF General Nandinandi to introduce MLF and Nandinandi as the face of Mthwakazi, to those who attended the meeting before the trip to Sandlwana will concur with me that one Siphatho  Ncube of UMhlahlo weSizwe SikaMthwakazi was duly nominated and seconded by all the stakeholders who were part of delegation to Sandlwana to be the speaker as it was agreed that Umhlahlo was not a political organization and it represented everyone in Mthwakazi since its formation was derived from different Mthwakazi organizations. The reason to second Siphatho Ncube was unanimously agreed to by MRP members and MLF members who were there present who included Mqondisi Moyo the President of MRP and General Nandinandi who by then was the MLF President and other stakeholders who included Gumede since the meeting was held in his premises in Yeoville.

To everyone's surprise the goalposts were changed at Sandlwana where Chief Gumede using his rand power bribed some organisers of the commemorations to accept General Nandinandi as the guest speaker and Siphatho Ncube was to be relegated to the terraces. Six months later Nandinandi announced his retirement from leading MLF.

To those who just follow people without scrutinising them Gumede has done again this year where he took with him Greater Sibanda the spokesman for SRK and other officials from SRK and MLF officials who included Crispen Nyoni to Heritage commemorations in KwaZulu, we can reveal to you that there was no official invitation by King Goodwill Zwelithini to SRK and his team ,it is again Gumede who used his rand power to organise for this trip and single handedly like he did in 2016 transported the delegates from Mthwakazi to KwaZulu Natal but their propaganda this time is so annoying unlike in 2016 where Nandinandi spoke in front of King Zwelithini and the crowd this time we see people like Greater and Nyoni out of desperation doing their own interviews outside the gathering because they were not recognized by the king and the organisers of the event.

If indeed SRK was invited to such a historic event why did he himself not attend because this was a lifetime exposure and recognition for him.

We are aware that SRK, Chief Gumede of Yeoville , MLF are attention seekers and at the same time used by the enemy to derail the restoration agenda.

Chief Gumede of Yeoville, Greater Sibanda and other few SRK officials were seen at Highlanders club House where they met to prepare for this botched trip to KwaZulu Natal, Gumede was also part of the failed SRK coronation at ZITF grounds on 12 September in Bulawayo and it was after this failed coronation where they converged with SRK officials for the KwaZulu trip.

As a parting shot In not so long these Mthwakazi deceivers will fight because Chief Gumede has also ambitions to become Mthwakazi king,most of you will remember that sometime in March this year he was seen in KwaZulu with Crispen Nyoni of MLF where they had a banner written Albert Gumede Mthwakazi King. We know some of our people are blindly following these crooks unknowingly due to desperation.

We warn these impostors not to play about people's lives because Mthwakazi cause is spiritual and some of them will face the wrath of the almighty and our forefathers.

We also gathe that SRK will be having a gathering at either White City Stadium or Barbour fields stadium on the 5th of November 2017 a day after Gadade annual commemorations on the 04 of November 2017.

If SRK is genuinel is others would want to believe why is he doing his programs after Mthwakazi annual commemorations, he deliberately put his coronation on the 12 of September 2017 , which was three day after the annual Mzilikazi commemorations which took place on the 09 th of September 2017, surprisingly in 2016 he attended attended the annual Gadade and Mzilikazi commemorations.

Apparently it is now clear that SRK, MLF and 1893 Mthwakazi restoration movement are bedfellows who are there to bring confusion in the Mthwakazi cause. We know their agendas will fail because all these mentioned groups have a history of failing especially the guys in MLF, Chief of Yeoville Gumede, 1893 and the so cunning SRK.

More to follow as we continue to expose all the dirty people of Mthwakazi, to those who continue to doubt Dlodlo do that at your own peril and some say he is a faceless character, I am right in the thick of Mthwakazi cause and a footsoldier for that matter, anyone with better facts to challenge me come forward am ready to take you head on. MLF should together with Gumede and 1893 be thankful to the cunning SRK for putting them back on the map since they continue to be irrelevant to the Mthwakazi cause because of their social media antics.

Dumezweni Dlodlo the voice of the deceived.

Source - Dumezweni Dlodlo
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