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Mnangagwa failed to manage his ambitions

06 Oct 2017 at 19:11hrs | Views
As a political and development analyst I think my biggest worry is not about the future of Mnangagwa but the nation as a whole.

I'm very worried as a citizen in the sense that this dynasty is likely to have a lot of complications for this country. I've heard a lot of people saying a dynasty is coming; we are already in a Mugabe dynasty.

Nothing will happen, Mugabe and his wife will emerge the winner, whatever they want will carry the day when millions of people are languishing in poverty to them it is all about himself and his family.

On Mujuru we were told that Mujuru wanted to topple Mugabe and assassinate him but today it is ED so it means the whole country wants to topple Mugabe meaning what will happen? Myself I give blame to ED because he failed to manage his ambitions and having a critical analysis on this one I've come up with several conclusions.

With me on this one I think I blame people like Mutsvangwa, Chiwenga and the whole crew they messed up big time for ED.

ED should have remained calm and never to show any ambitions to people. I always give thumps to Edgar Chagwa Lungu the current President of Zambia, he faced the same scenario but he managed and tamed his ambitions very well.

Lacoste is now a failed project with a bunch of bootlickers who always enjoy making press conferences without any proper planning.

They survive on rumor mongering instead of revisiting their strategies. ED's supporters messed for him big time.

Having worked with Mugabe for over 40 years he should have known what it is.

Mugabe is not a walk over, when you are dealing with a person like Mugabe who has strong state apparatus who are behind him and who are very loyal then you should have known this before.

I've given the same advice to Nelson Chamisa and many people have labeled me as Chamisa's sympathizer which is not true but I simply give an honest and perfect analysis on each and every situation.

ED should have played smart politics. Mugabe trapped his deputy using the same dirty political tactics he has often used before and he should have known this.

Mutsvangwa openly declared that if ED is not given the opportunity to rule then we will go for another progressive mind and obvious for so many reasons Mugabe saw this as a direct attack and threat from ED himself using the likes of Mutsvangwa and other supporters.

His ambitions were too quick and he should have allowed himself for the appropriate time and he should have managed himself very well.

This was going to be difficult for Mugabe to expel Mnangagwa because he would not have found a case for him.

What Mugabe does is that he sets on you and bring you close to see your assertions and studies you and then later on throw you under the bus like what is happening to ED.

With the rate at which G40 is moving I don't see ED being Mugabe's running mate in 2018 elections.

Mugabe has already made up his mind and it is a matter of time. I listened to people like Mutodi, Mahiya, Mutsvangwa and others and these are a bunch of people who don't even know what they are doing, they should have waited for appropriate time.

It is an obvious case that if anything happens today on Mugabe either by natural cause or incapacitated it is very clear that ED is the one who emerge as the winner so there was no reason for him to come up with parallel structures or to come up with his own strategies which will fall in favor of him.

ED should have pretended as if he is not even ambitious and this was going to be an advantage on his side. He must sack his advisors and look for better ones who can help him to save himself from this political mess.

Another weakness with ED is that he has often set his supporters and when they are being consumed he quickly retreats or even hide in the name of loyalty and his cowardliness will dent his reputation and he wants people to do the dirty work for him, then after that he walks to state house without any problems.

ED should learn from Lungu how he did it in 2015, very quiet but doing ground work wisely. Mugabe is not a walk over as people may think; in the next three months we are going to witness a lot of drama.

ED is not a brave person, so many of his supporters have been thrown under the bus and he has never uttered any word. He must learn to take responsibility and protect his own supporters and that shows that he is the man.

Another mistake is how did was to allow Mugabe and G40 cabal to amend the ZANU PF constitution which paved way for Mugabe as he sole proprietor of Zanu PF, and it gave Mugabe the supreme commando and all the power in the name of one Centre of power and ED should have known this before that he is digging his own grave.

What then it means is that t is now up to Mugabe to dismiss his deputy at any given time without any hustles.

On the same issue he should have advocated for separate powers. In other countries the president does not have the authority to fire his deputy because he was elected by the constituency.

So ED should have advocated for proper clauses or amendments in the constitution, now it is difficult because it is Mugabe and Mugabe alone.

I was not shocked when I heard that Grace said that anyone appointed by Mugabe should listen to him because he or she is an employee to Mugabe, what a garbage and irrational statement, at first it is him ED who hero worshipped Mugabe and his wife and praised them and now it is difficult to tame them.

Zanu PF is Mugabe and Mugabe is the owner of that party, because of people like ED who gave Mugabe those powers.

Grace was wrong because being elected as the Vice President; ED is not paid by Mugabe but by the state coffers coming from tax payer's money.

But I don't blame her because all of them they have created that scenario so that must lie on the bed they prepared for themselves.

For me Mugabe has made up his mind and soon ED will be shown the exit and Mugabe will hire another bootlicker again and life goes on like that in Zimbabwe, no one can question Mugabe because we have so many bootlickers in Zanu PF who are serving at the behest of their master, so they have to sing for their supper.

ED has the following options

1. To either call for a press and resign with immediate effect

2. To work with Morgan Tsvangirai and his team and strike a deal which will help him to retain a Government post or protect his business interests

3. To seek mediation from Thabo Mbeki or Kenneth Kaunda to help to mend rifts

4. To come out openly on his ambitions

5. To form a united front with Joice Mujuru

6. He must come out openly on the poison saga than to wait for people to make defense mechanisms for him whilst he is enjoying the back seat.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo writes in his personal capacity as the head of SIPAR TRUST (Southern Institute of Policy Analysis and Research) which is responsible for Policy Research and Analysis.

He is also an academic and development analyst.

He can be contacted at

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Source - Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo
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