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Grace Mugabe's assumed authority

07 Oct 2017 at 14:31hrs | Views
Grace Mugabe has assumed unprecedented authority in the governance of Zimbabwe.

She tosses everyone around including the president. She humiliates ministers at rallies. She goes around the country pronouncing government policy and insulting people. What she is doing cannot be good for her nor for her husband and certainly not for the country. Where does she get that authority from?

Her place is the President's bedroom not his office. She is also mistaken if she thinks that people cannot profess to like the president and dislike his wife. It depends on the character of the wife and she is not doing a great deal to endear herself to many. It is surprising why the president seems not to see the damage his wife is doing to him and the nation. Is president Mugabe really comfortable with his ministers including vice presidents being treated with such disrespect that would not be proper to a child of the age of five or any age for that matter? The country's constitution does not confer such a role and powers for the president's wife. It is even more worrying that the vice presidents and a whole cabinet of ministers to seem to accept this humiliation without question. How then are we expected to have confidence that they can solve the challenges the nation faces? Little wonder we find ourselves in the mess we are as a nation.

Grace must stop this and stop it now. She is going too far and her inflated authority will be deflated in a way she will greatly regret. The country cannot be run in this manner. If the president is failing to run the governance of the country himself, he should step down now and allow for a peaceful transfer of authority to someone the people will choose. Grace must not make the mistake of taking Zimbabweans to be fools. It simply has gone too far.

The message and advice she should heed is that she STOP this madness now before she is stopped.

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Source - Nicholas Mlamuli Ndebele
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