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Grace's donation of used G-stringy and dingy panties annoys Dangamvura women, an ethical dilemma and a cultural assault

09 Oct 2017 at 06:49hrs | Views
The truth is hard to take. The truth is uncomfortable to many. Old panties are not new panties. Old panties are old panties. They can't be anything else but old. Anything old is old; it can't be new. That is the truth. The directive by Grace to arrest a journalist for reporting that her donated panties were old when they were actually old is beyond any measure to comprehend the level of paranoia displayed by this woman. Her paranoid presentation is symbolic of an individual suffering with insecurity and self-doubt. To counteract her fears and to obstruct the truth she runs a rampage abusing the police and judiciary wasting their time using them as tools to silence and supress the freedom of the press to inform the public. The freedom of the press is under the spotlight and suppression by the new oppressor on the block in the name of Grace Mugabe.

Grace Mugabe's donation of used, threadbare and ruined panties targeting the poor, deprived and marginalised members of the community of Dangamvura in Mutare, Manicaland was a dreadful act; a degradation of human dignity and an insult to the culture and customs of the people of Zimbabwe. The donation depicted a philosophy that second hand goods of underwear clothing were suitable for Dangamvura second class citizens and she, Grace belonged to the class of the elite. The actions by Grace were done without collaboration with the recipients. In so doing Grace undermined and underestimated the integrity, intelligence, independence of choice and moral beliefs of the people of Dangamvura. She further overrode their ability to propagate their own development to meet their everyday basic needs. The donation of panties illustrated that the so called fashion wise Guru Grace was intruding the privacy and intimate anatomy of the recipients. Grace's lack of understanding of culture, tradition and norms of Zimbabwe is regrettable. She insulted the people of Dangamvura portraying them as backward, poor, and unable to buy underwear themselves.

Grace, in her judgement believed that Dangamvura women were better off wearing underwear that was previously used by unknown strangers either living or dead. The bad gesture by Grace defeated all the ethical considerations of respect, value for other human beings, human virtues, fairness and social justice. Her main purpose was a political production to influence an electorate attachment in her favour to fulfil her aims of galvanising support buying them off of old panties. It was a transactional gesture propelled by a political desire and motive to persuade the recipients to vote for her in future elections. The driving motive to donate was about her and not about them. Un-researched donations as was the case with Grace's panties can result in an ethical dilemma bringing about unintended negative outcomes on people's moral beliefs, emotions, judgments, and consequently bad relations with her as the panties donor. Graceā€˜s culturally misplaced donation of used panties, nighties and other end of life goods provoked negative emotions of anxiety, anger, embarrassment, and disgust within the recipients of Dangamvura. The people of Dangamvura exhibited bad reactions to Grace's donation. The donation generated distaste to her gesture. The reaction was characterised by strong negative emotions of ambivalence and loathing. People are demanding to be treated with respect and to be supported in ways that are sustainable and with the things that have a meaning to their lives.

We know that Grace wants to be loved by people but she needs to respect them as equal human beings and resist being judgemental of them. Economic differences amongst people should not be allowed to obstruct our ability to respect others.

It is unethical and mischievous to give people goods that are substandard, unfit for purpose and harmful to their culture and morals. If Grace found the goods unusable by her, why then did she think that the panties were fit for use by other people? Her conduct was based on judging other people as inferior and therefore suitable to consume commodities of poor quality. The trend of donating out of date goods by Grace Mugabe is becoming perpetually. Grace is known to have donated rotten rice to local communities. She also donated oversized pairs of shoes that did not match in size, shape and design to school children.

The behaviour by Grace undervalued the ethics and values of the people of Dangamvura fostering in then an unwarranted dependence characterisation and disablement of community initiatives of entrepreneurship. Grace's thinking portrays a belief that local people cannot think for themselves. She therefore takes it upon herself to donate tattered and ragged panties to them. The consequence was reducing them to subjects. The donation re-enforced the poverty cycle that diminished the collective integrity of the people. The donation of panties does not have the ability to help the people of Dangamvura to break out of spiral and revolving production of poverty and impoverishment. The donation was ill informed, irrelevant, inappropriate and inhumane. It did not offer any significant relive to the community of Dangamvura as the consumption of panties does not develop community capacities for self-sustenance.
I would not wear any used panties used by someone else and whose origin is unknown. Grace will arrest you for declining her panties and she will remind you that you are nothing. Who do you think you are refusing the first lady's panties?

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Source - Themba Mthethwa
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