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Barbaric Lacoste/G40 off our daughter Zanele Moyo

09 Oct 2017 at 11:39hrs | Views
When the values of humanity/ Ubuntu escape a people, they turn into uncivilized practices that were used in the liberation war of Zimbabwe. Thousands of young people perished in very sad circumstances: some were labelled traitors without any evidence, they got killed, and those who were lucky were sent to the battle front without arms to die in the hands of enemy Smith's Selous Scouts. That jungle law that was perpetuated in the struggle is visiting us today in our politics and social lives once more – violent deaths and violent words are now cherished: they are indeed the order of the day. To say the succession wars in Zanu are animalistic, it will be insulting the very animals that are living the way the creator made them to be: to be animals!

It is uncharacteristic of Zimbabwe traditions and culture to use a dead person to fight your means to an end! At best respect that Zanele prematurely not with us. This is the lowest a person can go to square cheap political scores if you bring a fight using a dead person, not for any other reason but to cause deep pain. They have to reduce themselves that low. Your fighting dog eat dog has reached the lowest levels of human dignity and you are embarrassing us globally, I suppose you do not care, your lack of UBUNTU, that has diminished will not ask you to be ashamed because you do not know what is shame!

This succession war in Zanu PF has stippled to very low levels. You are just a group of barbaric human movements, I doubt if you have souls in your moving bodies. Talk about consciences: that, you do not have either. Would it have been better if you fought and finished yourselves without including our daughter Zanele Moyo? Remember this young woman was a Zimbabwean, belonged to all of us mothers of this nation. She never is/was a single item of the Moyo family to be ridiculed by false, trumped up causes of her death because you want to square up your dirty fights in this unreasonable succession war.

When Itai Dzamara died, you Zanu PF together with Jonathan Moyo pocked scorn and gave insulting comments of his disappearance, to this day we do not know – is he still alive? If he died how did he meet his death? Now you have the hide to pour such scorn on a deceased girl-child without shame! What are we Zimbabweans without UBUNTU: those noble values that respect life after death, if we do not respect death? Why can't you fight your Jonathan Moyo and leave our daughter to rest. I speak on my behalf; I do not care how you are going to finish one another in this barbaric war of who is going to succeed Mugabe. We are watching your fights with coy and eager glee infect. When you have finished one another politically and otherwise, can we put together this great land called Zimbabwe to normalcy once more.

Our social media is read globally, the decent global citizens are wondering what level of thinking are these peoples in the party and government of Zimbabwe, supposed to be the educated and thinking elite of the nation: to say you have brains, your spinal cord is what you are using in your fighting each other. Please go on fighting until you are all gone! Never ever use our young people: dead or alive in your fightings. Your silly groupings are predominantly men: chauvinists to the chore and are using women to meet your selfish ends. You stop at nothing in pocking insults at each other, showing the level of you thinking.

Your fighting exposes the destruction in Zanu PF, if he was give absolute means of power and state apparatus. The absolute power you have towards the people of Zimbabwe has corrupted you absolutely. This country is in a total mess because of your incompetence, but competent in destructive activities, destroying lives: innocent lives, dissenting voices that dared to say: all is not going well in the country. We are a laughing stoke out there because of these succession wars in the party and government. Politically you should be decimated to non existence both Lacoste and G40 because you have nothing constructive to offer this great nation. 

As a mother, I refuse to see girl-children: dead or alive drawn into unreasonable and dirty fightings of your politics. Zanele Moyo died prematurely, you cause pain to us mothers, her mother too if you construe falsehood in the causes of her dear just make the fighting smarter. Can you please respect us mother just for once. Again learn to fight Jonathan Moyo alone, we do not care about your Jonathan Moyo. In retrospect we care a lot about Zanele Moyo's death and the causes of her death because we are mothers, we lost a citizen who was going to uplift the lives of many other women in Zimbabwe. 

We care about the disappearance of Itai Dzamara, he was indeed a man among men. He was the first person to challenge the Mugabe regime: and his missing confirms in us the ruthlessness of this regime called Zanu PF. You are curiously even ruthless to yourselves. Your fronting very old, overly aged Mugabe to still stand for elections in Zimbabwe characterises your meanness. But one day Mugabe will die, will leave you all exposed to the mercy of the people who have been held at random for a long time. We seem to be losing talented young people in Zimbabwe who would have done a lot with their talents to uplift this country.

In the same words, some of which cannot be written: some young woman from Masvingo took to "you tube" was using cursing words: summarising   what she thought was wrong: I will use that "you tube" version of disgust as reference to my utter disgust too in teams Lacoste and G40. 

Stop using Zanele Moyo in your fightings. Liyasithunuka. We have not come to terms with the disappearance of Itai Dzamara either: there is no closure on his death if he died! We have a lot to unpack already; you don't pile up injuries, rub salts to already insulted mothers!

We women of Zimbabwe will continue to uplift the values zo Ubuntu in our societies because we are the ones who know pain in delivering/giving birth to the children they are killing and insulting them in their graves!

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Source - Nomazulu Thata
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