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The Mupedzanhamo Revolution in Zimbabwe

09 Oct 2017 at 16:48hrs | Views
Zimbabwe has been ruled by President Robert Gabriel Mugabe since 1980. He won all elections he contested. Since the constitution originally did not limit the presidency to two terms, he recently amended it to give him 10 more years to hang on to power. His widely loathed wife, Grace Mugabe, promotes the interests of her children; the most prominent being Bona Mugabe, who Mugabe is grooming to succeed him.

However, lack of jobs and deteriorating social conditions are proving to be the Mugabe and ZANU PF's downfall. Currently, unemployment stands at 99 percent. Now Mugabe is turning to the street vendors who was trying to earn a living by selling fruits and vegetables. He wants them removed from the streets immediately.

This is a desperate move that reminded me of a soccer game between Algeria and Zimbabwe that was played at the national Sports Stadium. Zimbabwe was desperate not to concede a goal because it meant their elimination and the late Evans Mambara providing the commentary.

I remember very well when Evans, putting a patriotic voice, would say, "The Algerians are coming, we are in trouble here! Ooooh my God, Oooooh my God, they have scored, we are one down" This was uncharacteristic of Evans who was well known for his, "it's a gooooooaaaaal! Scream." He wanted to maintain his patriotism for his country team but was faced with reality, painful as it was he had to call for the goal.

As much as I would want to see a clean city, Mugabe or whoever is running the country on his behalf have scored. Giving an order to remove the vendors without an alternative plan for the 99 percent people etching a living through vending is insincere.  The country must brace itself for this eventuality.

If police confiscate people's goods, there must immediately be outbursts of rage, and demonstrations across Zimbabwe. The trade unions must immediately call for rallies across the country to demand jobs. If the security forces try to stop the job rallies, the protests must spread further. This is the time Zimbabwe, every organization, every group must start thinking of our country and plan to join the protests.

Lawyers must join the protest-to witness the peaceful protests. The police will obviously come hard on us but Zimbabwe, we are in trouble here-this is the time. The momentum must continue as the police desperately try to block protests and demonstrations. We need a clean city but government must provide us with jobs-no negotiation.

We cannot be forced to live like rats eating crumbles that fall from Grace's table-we need jobs and let us not relent on that demand. If the police continue their brutality, let us fight them back-we know where their stations are, we know where they live.  
The lawyers must help us by demanding an end to police brutality against peaceful protesters. We must never accept unjustified attacks on any Zimbabwe citizen. Teachers, nurses, doctors, political leaders, students, must join the strike in solidarity.
Mugabe has already started is equivocation tricks:
He has promised to reshuffle dead wood-some people are getting offers of cash bribes. He will sack his deputy, order all woman detainees released, and promise to create 3000,000 jobs, raise salaries for the army, and deny that he is planning to install his wife (not Bona) but his wife as his successor.

He will lash out at street demonstrators, accuse them of being extremists, mercenaries, and agents of the CIA, and even terrorists. He will brutally clamp down with water tanks, and live ammunition; and arrest opposition leaders and scores of protesters.

He will try to pound his clenched fist on a table and jab the air, vowing to die in office-showing defiance.

If however, we stand our ground and protests persist, Mugabe will make a hard landing on a frozen Singapore bank account. The international community will freeze the 5 billion dollar account in Singapore. Even if Mugabe impose a curfew and kill some of us, we must never relent. Even if Mugabe promises fresh elections next month, we must never relent.

There are already serious divisions in ZANU PF administration and the security forces. The military will sympathize with us. Police will vanish from the streets, they are facing the same problems we are facing. The army will not fire on protesters. This is our time!

At the end of it all watch for these signs, Mugabe will impose a state of emergency and sack his government.  But since there will not be violent clashes between protesters and security forces, the state of emergency will not serve any purpose. POSA will be brought back to life but it is too late! The army will seize control of Zimbabwe and temporarily close the country's airspace. Members of Mugabe's family including his extended family will be arrested.
The parliamentary speaker will temporarily take over power until the next elections. This is our only hope Zimbabwe.

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Source - Sam Wezhira
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