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The cross of Eddie Cross

11 Oct 2017 at 14:00hrs | Views
The Former Rhodie's Cross of shameful groveling at the expense of Matebeleland stinks to the high heavens. Obliviously blind to the vote that gave him that so-called MDC-T seat in parliament, he is on tribal steroids to annihilate what he condescendingly refers to as "Ndebele and Kalanga nationalism".

He is a Cross Man, this Eddie Cross. The colonial hangover deprives him of appreciating that as Ndebeles and Kalangas we have every right as full citizens to make demands on how we must be governed. It is pure mischief clothed with sinister malice to dress as tribalism any complaint from the people of Matabeleland. The days of "the good baas boys" are forever gone Mr Cross and while that might not have crossed your mind, I am cross that your unrepentant Rhodesian spirit is a moribund drag on the national agenda to build a truly people centred governance system.

Curiously, it is the people of Matabeleland who in their lack of wisdom and their desperation for conformity have voted the likes of Cross into Parliament whose middle finger permanently points at them. His woeful and hollow calls against Matabeleland must be categorized in the same basket of abominations like the closure of Textiles Mills after his party MDC-T failed to pay for a huge order placed before the 2013 elections. If there was any lingering doubt of the contemptuous frown on anything positive from Matabeleland, Eddie Cross stands as its full epitomisation. How can it be, that a man ensconced in the political comfort of luxury engendered by the Matabeleland vote he has the courage to insult with reckless abandon the same people?

I brief analysis of his profile shows that he effortlessly became a big executive in parastatals in the post-independent Zimbabwe. Let me get to the point quickly.  1983 was the midnight of Matabeleland as at opened to the floodgates to the Gukurahundi genocide. For him 1983 was his most glorious moment as in his words he remarks  that other appointments were followed by "the 1983 by appointment as the CEO of the Cold Storage Commission, then the largest meat organization in Africa."

The observation is neither pedantic nor mute as it shines light into our contradicting and contrasting history with a man reposed with the representing the region. He certainly cannot represent the aspirations of Matabeleland as he is a prisoner of the past irredeemably chained to his shameful cross. It is a heavy cross. He must bear it alone, and leave us alone. Kukade sikhuluma bakithi .."Asifuni bumbulu".

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Source - Njabulo Sibanda
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