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Mnangagwa hiding behind poison!

13 Oct 2017 at 17:33hrs | Views
To say that Mnangagwa roasted Jonathan Moyo on Wednesday 11th October 2017 in a politburo meeting is seriously misleading. We waited for the 80 page dossier that Mnangagwa promised the nation, to shed light into the dubious activities of Jonathan Moyo in the party and government. If what we read in the social media today was the roasting then, we can as well say Mnangagwa was defeated by Jonathan in detail. There is nothing new that VP Mnangagwa told us in his awaited 80 page dossier. To pile up information that is already in the public domain and make that information as  dossier to counter Jonathan Moyo is wholly meek and laughable.

To summarise what we have as information in the media:

    Jonathan is secretly conniving to whittle Mugabe's powers

    Jonathan is leaking sensitive politburo and government information to the media

    Jonathan is an American CIO-spy

    Jonathan is a serial flip-flopper

    Jonathan ridiculed Mugabe's younger wife: that Mugabe married a younger woman

    Jonathan is pushing to remove Mugabe

The bone of contention here is that these two politicians have fallen out of love for each other. Remember too that all that they are squabbling about: all these altercations are to be traced back to the failed Tsholotsho Saga, we are privy of all that they did together and how Mnangagwa failed to turn up in Tsholotsho (as far back as 2005) for the final push to remove Bob or to see Mnangagwa as VP instead of Amai Mujuru. It was Jonathan who was showed the door in 2005. These facts about Tsholotsho debacle are haunting them both, curiously they use the same methods applied to Amai Mujuru purging out of the VP post and government in 2014. These accusations are tired ones: the nation is sick of the news telling the same story: So and so want to remove President Mugabe from power! So and so is pushing Mugabe out of power, so and so is conniving to whittle powers from Mugabe.

Ever since Jonathan re-entered Zanu PF in year 2000, Jonathan mentored Mnangagwa and Mnangagwa was a mentee of Jonathan. Jonathan knows this and it is not possible for Mnangagwa to give Jonathan a killer-punch.  He is not capable of doing this. Mnangagwa is weak; this is the most interesting part as it exposes Mnangagwa's intellectual curiosity in the whole fightings. It is for this reason that Mnangagwa depends on the war vets to do the intellectual punching that Mnangagwa cannot do himself: Jonathan is outsmarting Mnangagwa at every turn.  

A good example is when Mnangagwa in his Wednesday politburo presentation would use a video of Saviour Kasukuwere to demonstrate his own loyalty to Mugabe. Surely you do not use an enemy's praises of Kasukuwere to Mnangagwa as evidence of Mnangagwa's loyalty to Mugabe. After the "Blue Ocean" presentation by Jonathan, the country felt the end of Mnangagwa because it was well choreographed: a severe killer punch. That is when Mnangagwa had to go ill to South Africa. It was Moyo's heat-wave dossier Mnangagwa suffered after that. If Mnangagwa says he was poisoned, indeed that Moyo document was poisonous; the contents of Moyo's dossier crushed Dambudzo in every sense. No normal person comes out normal after those detailed revelations.

The public knows all those details Mnangagwa highlighted in the meeting. All those accusations about Moyo Jonathan we know them since 2005: Why is Zanu still keeping Jonathan in party and government? The Weak licks informed us a lot not only about Jonathan but also government officials who went to the US embassy to revile those sensitive information regarding the party and government. Except Solomon Mujuru, nothing was done to all of them, including the army generals. Can we say sincerely that Jonathan is the backbone of Zanu PF. Zanu needs Jonathan's input ever to remain in power? Jonathan knows this too that he is the power base in the party and government. Despite all these fightings Jonathan will be last person to showed the door again seven months before the elections.   

The fact that, to this day Jonathan has not been told to dig his grave in the way Dr. Edgar Madekurodzwa perished in Zambia is a mystery. Previously people like him, in Zanu we know, Jonathan would have been "dealt with" long back.  

VP Mnangagwa comes back from South Africa and tells the nation how God saved him from the poisoning he endured! If indeed he was poisoned and he survived because God was with him, how are we to going comprehend the hand of God that did not assist in the Gugurahundi atrocities? Are the peoples of Mathebeleland and Midlands, and indeed the Shona speaking peoples who were massacred because they were Zapu members' children of lesser God? Where Mnangagwa survived poisoning because of God's hand, 20,000 peoples did not survive the wroth, the killing frenzy of the fifth Brigade; God was not with them, if indeed we are to follow the logic of VP's words.

Interestingly in the today's social media is an article with leaked news:" Mnangagwa readies Mugabe and Grace knock-out-punch", the paper says Mnangagwa has lined up his future presidency and cabinet. VP Mnangagwa is planning ahead of all eventualities. He will be the future president of Zimbabwe. So Mnangagwa is double speaking: on one hand he says there is no vacancy in the State-House, he is loyal to Mugabe, but on the other hand, clandestinely organising his kitchen cabinet that will see him as president:     

    President: Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa

    First VP General Constantino Guvheya Chiwenga

    Second VP Kembo Mohadi and/or Dumiso Dabengwa  

    Zimbabwe Defence  Major - General Philip Valerio Sibanda

    Zimbabwe National Army commander Major-General Douglas Nyikayaramba

    Foreign affairs Christopher Mutsvangwa

    Information: George Charamba

If for argument sake this is true, that Dambudzo Mnangagwa is having his kitchen cabinet ready: who is fooling Robert Mugabe: Mnangagwa or Jonathan Moyo? Both are fooling the old man, they are taking advantage of his advanced age. If this is indeed true, General Dumiso Dabengwa has to tell the Zapu members that he is cooking something for himself with the coming dispensation: Mnangagwa as future president. We wonder still, if it's true that there are clandestine conferences in Strathaven residence of General Dabengwa, between Mnangagwa and him, how Dabengwa would go behind the back people of Mathebeleland to craft a cake for himself with all his knowledge about Mnangagwa's involvement in the Gugurahundi atrocities. Did he not suffer under the hands of Mnangagwa who was then Minister of Security? Politics is indeed a trade like no other! However the people of Mathebeleland will demand an answer to this obvious betrayal and the cruelly murdered departed souls who perished in the Gugurahundi atrocities.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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