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My condolences, the President on the 17th

16 Oct 2017 at 07:45hrs | Views
Any loss of a soul deserves condolences, and l hereby pass my deepest condolences to the President, following the prophetic prescription from the pastor.

I respect the President for the good education he gave me in the 80s. In the same vein, l regret my President's failure to fullfil his 1977 promise that he would prosper Zimbabweans.

I regret ever supporting him during the liberation struggle as l did so with no knowledge that he would create Gukurahundi, Essap, Police Corruption, Company clossures, exportation of hungry refugees, depletion of our currency, potholes, vending graduates, abussive wife, tribalism, marginalisation, poverty, desperate pensioneers, Gamatoxes, Lacostes and G40.

I regret that my President died without grooming a successor. I regret that his life in politics begun by dividing Zapu in 1962 creating a Shona Ndebele tribal factions which were not there when the President was a humble teacher in Ghana 1959. I regret that he tribally campained for Ndabaningi Sithole to be kicked out of his own party in favour of Mugabe on Zezuru Ndau grounds in 1975.

I regret the death of Takawira, a Manyika. Tongogara a Karanga 1979. I regret the pathetic political positions given to the Ndebele, Karanga Ndau and Manyika compared to the Zezuru since 1980.

I regret that education did not help the President to self assess himself to see how low our country had become during his life as a President.

For only one thing which l think the President did well for me which is education, l want to thank him although l have lived and worked outside Zimbabwe since his Gukurahundi days.

I hope, on his last day of his life on Earth today as per prophesy, that he reads my audit of the ambigous legacy he is leaving behind tomorrow on the 17 of October 2017.

The pastor's prescription afforded me to write the departing President and help who ever is going to take over not to lead our country back to stone age.

Long live Zimbabwe.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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