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Mugabe would die 17 October 2017 - Beware of false prophets!

17 Oct 2017 at 17:18hrs | Views
If anyone had ever seriously taken Philip Mugadza's so-called "prophecy" that President Robert Mugabe would die today, October 17, they need to see him for the fraudster that he is.

The moment he realised that the date he had predicted Mugabe would die was fast approaching - and knowing fully well that he had issued a fib - he decided to revise his "forecast" and claim that God has changed His mind. We hold no brief for Mugabe except that he is the President. There are also multitudes of people who believe in latter-day prophets and it is not our intention to dissuade them from their beliefs. Maybe, Mugabe invited Mugadza's rebuke through his poor governance.

But if God had indeed spoken to Mugadza about Mugabe's death - as he claimed - then, surely, he would have given him the new date? Of course, Mugadza knows that even if he had told the nation of another date, it would still not happen! It is farcical for Mugadza to proclaim someone's death as if he is the Creator himself.

We are aware that the majority of Zimbabweans believe in God. In fact, we read in the Bible that there would be multitudes of false prophets in our day. No wonder the number of prophets in Zimbabwe is much more than the 40 true prophets that Jehovah, the true God's name, used to write 66 books that's His Word the Bible - all based in Zimbabwe yet God is universal.

Of what purpose will there be for "prophets" of our day when all true Bible prophecy is yet to be fulfilled? It is regrettable that what we call prophets are all charlatans using the Bible to hoodwink the majority seeking a respite from their hardships.

Mugadza belongs to a new crop of so-called prophets who have mushroomed all over Zimbabwe to offer hard-pressed citizens false hope while fleecing them of their hard-earned money.

It is quite ironic that when Zimbabwe's economy was still fairly stable, these prophets were nowhere to be seen.

Their sudden rise, which coincided with deepening poverty countrywide due to a leadership void, raises a stink.

These impostors are simply capitalising on the opportunity to prey on the poor majority who are desperate for some financial miracle, but which is only premised upon one "seeding", according to their doctrines.

If the truth be told, there are people who have never "seeded", but are way better off than those who have been "seeding" for years with nothing to show for it. As congregants have gotten poorer, the prophets, profiting from their desperation, have become filthy rich, living lavish lifestyles in a sea of poverty.

Just like Mugadza sold the nation a dummy, that is what many of these so-called prophets are doing week in week out as thousands throng their churches in search of relief from the privations pestering them.

It is quite shocking that these tricksters, con-artists, magicians or illusionists have the audacity to play God, attributing to Him things that He never said to them. Mugadza and his followers should know that God does not change, and remains the same forever and ever.

Is this not the same Mugadza who was caught in a compromising position with some lady (not his wife) at a local hotel?

Source - newsday
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