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Zimparks in tribalism and nepotism storm

30 Oct 2017 at 06:09hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party has said it is concerned and disappointed by the Zimbabwe National Parks and wildlife Authority's conduct in regard to their employment policy.

 Mthwakazi Republic Party said it is reliable informed that just last week the authority's management recruited 120 people for a three month training in Hwange, that will subsequently get them employed.

"The authority's bosses only employ Shona relatives at the expense of the local Ndebele people.  A lot of our people in the whole of Matabeleland had applied for the same jobs with the required results but were not considered or ever called for an interview. At Matopo National parks in Matabeleland South there are more than 800 hundred workers there but non-locals.  Mqondisi Moyo the Party's Member of Parliament's candidate for Matobo North yesterday met the disgruntled Youths who declared that they were ready to defend their jobs and their territories against Shona invasion in Matabeleland and Midlands," said the party.

"As a party we are seriously against this provocation that is being done by the Mugabe regime, we will not allow the government to continue side-lining our people treating us as second class citizens, in our own forefathers land. We have noticed that it has become an unwritten law that the government only employs Shona people for all vacancies from the office orderly to directors it is all according to the 1979 Shona grand plan, that says only Shona people must be employed."

The party said recently another government department Zimra to be precise published vacancy notice asking for drivers to work in Matabeleland North yet the applications are addressed to Harare, which is very clear to them  that their people are just wasting time applying since workers will come from Harare.

"We are all aware that 95% of Zimra workers are Shona speaking and all the doubting Thomases can go and prove that at Mhlahlandlela Zimra offices and Customs Duty offices near  Main Post Office in Bulawayo CBD as well as at the border places like Beitbridge, Plumtree, Victoria Falls and other borders like Maitengwe,Matsiloje, Kazungula and the new one in Thuli in Gwanda," said the party.

"Hardly will you find Sothos, Vendas, Kalangas, Nambyas, Xhosas,Jahundas, Chewas,Tongas and among other tribes in these border posts only shonas including the sweepers.Further investigations into the wild life authority saga reveal that the only people who were employed were related to the bosses and to ZANU PF, which is the major reason why this country has been destroyed. Unqualified people are getting jobs ahead of qualified people simple because they are connected to either the system or Shona tribe."

MRP said they condemn this act of tribalism and nepotism by the ZANU PF satanic government.

"We would like to encourage our people to register and VOTE Team MRP in the next coming election period so that we are able to be in charge of our own resources and our future. A situation where there are no Ndebeles,  Khalanga or Venda people at the National parks and wildlife is a clear sign of provocation and Satanism," said the party.

 "MRP President has declared that if the Matopo National parks will continue doing as they are doing now it will rather be closed down. In Matopo more than 80 people tendered their CVs and 20 were called for interviews, out of 20 only 2 were taken. Only two from Matopo were taken, of those  80 there was only 1 from Slozwi and two from Lushumbe.  Honorable Cde Mqondisi Moyo vowed to fight for the locals from Matobo North and South specifically places like Mahlabathini, Gulathi, Njelele, Mabhulawuni, Chap, White waters, Bhazha, Fumugwe, Mazhayimbe, SunyetSen.,Gohole, Nathisa, Maphisa, Ratanyana, Bhalagwe, Tshelanyemba, Nhlapho, Khezi and other nearby places which constitute Matobo  North and South."

 MRP said this madness by these Shona supremists has gone for so long unchecked and the time is now.

"We are a generation that will not sit back and watch while our tormentors continue to capture us, we don't want to be cursed by the forthcoming generations on our graves, they will spit on our graves if we continue like this," said the party.

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