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In Germany Nkosana Moyo would have been declared unfit to hold public office

01 Nov 2017 at 14:07hrs | Views
In USA Mugabe/Tsvangirai unfit for public office says Nkosana Moyo: In Germany Nkosana Moyo would have been declared unfit to hold public office

It is tantamount to saying Paul Joseph Gobbles was smart, was Rudolf Hess smart? Was Henrich Himmler smart, was Otto Adolf Eichmann smart? Was Herman Goring smart? Was Rudolf Brandt smart? Was Martin Ludwick Bormann smart? Today in Germany we have a big political problem: AfD party won election by 13% and they are now in German Bundestag participating in the current government with a mandate. This sent shockwaves in the nation. The consensus among most scholars of history in Germany is that the atrocities of the two World wars are not dealt with enough in institutions of learning. Schools, colleges and universities are back at work: they are enhancing their syllabus to educate the dangers of Hitler ideology that is inherently entrenched in the hearts and mind of some in the German population. They fear that a third Reich could be possible.

But because we are Africans: we are told by the very educated to push all our genocide and crimes against humanity under the carpet: This we got from the mouth of Nkosana Moyo. It is not enough tell us that your mother is MaNkomo: you do not elaborate further why we should not ask Moyo, a presidential hopeful, how he is going to deal with painful issues affecting all our societies if his mother is MaNkomo. All ethnic groups in Zimbabwe suffered and are still suffering in the hands of a very brutal regime: Zanu PF. Whoever takes such a high office of the President should have his ethics checked and scrutinized.  

President Mugabe will be 94 years old next year; therefore unfit to still stand for elections. Tsvangirai is terminally ill, therefore unfit to stand for elections in 2018, agreed. They are unfit to stand for public office, pertinent enough. Even in USA both would never be near the office of Presidency, you said. But the pertinent question is why Nkosana able to criticize so much about Mugabe's misrule and instead goes on to heap praises on Mnangagwa, one of the perpetrators of genocide? This is the genocide Mugabe together with Mnangagwa planned and executed together with the likes of Enos Nkala? This does not add up to full total. It is not possible to find any logic in this!  

In Germany Nkosana Moyo would have been showed the door long back. He would have been told he is not fit for the highest office. To say a killer like Mnangagwa is smart, he could do things better is an insult to all of us from this region and in the country as a whole. Thousands of people perished in the hands of Mnangagwa as Security minister in Mugabe's cabinet. He is known for his hate-speeches: calling the people of Mathebeleland cockroaches. Mnangagwa has never for once apologized to the nation. Why do we see this selective morality of one-sided blaming Mugabe for the 37 years of mismanagement of government, but Mnangagwa is given a different picture altogether: he could do better than Mugabe? Nkosana has to explain better than he has done in his press conference in Bulawayo, why he still thinks all the evils that this Zanu PF government has committed the past 37 years, we should overlook them and we be silenced about it and instead engage in rebuilding the country? My foot! Is it because we are Africans? Crimes committed to African do not matter you say?

It is not only Gugurahundi atrocities that Mugabe and Mnangagwa and others perpetrated, think of the farm invasions where thousands of people lost their lives and livelihoods.  We have Murambatsvina that robed 750 thousands basic livelihoods and lives. There are scholars who argue that operation Murambatsvina claimed more lives than the Gugurahundi atrocities. We go on further to the 2008 elections that were brutal and violent and again hundreds of people lost their lives. We have a government that has survived condemnation from regional and international community. The Zanu PF government can do anything to its people and they know well that nothing will happen to them. Zanu PF is above the law of the land. Are you saying this absence of accountability to crimes against humanity and genocide should go on in the next dispensation? Hell no!

There are cases of people going missing if they dared to speak against the government of Zanu PF. We do not know where Itai Dzamara is till today, there is no trace of his whereabouts. We shall never know what happened to him. It disturbs the mind to think that an educated person like Dr. Nkosana Moyo would utter such an abomination. Curiously he can condemn President Mugabe but falls short of saying the same to Mnangagwa. Mnangagwa is by all account not smart. Mnangagwa imhondi: an open secret. If Nkosana is scared, fears to say the obvious about crimes against humanity committed by Zanu PF government, then he should never be given an opportunity to run this country because such people are dangerous. His eloquent policies are just a half-backed cake and not conclusive to solve Zimbabwe' social economic and political problems. Zimbabwe is composed of human being and not a project Mars where physical science is needed to get to Mars.  

Our lives as Africans are just as inviolable as the lives of the German people. The Germans still seek answers to this day as to what happened to their past history so that it does not happen again: hence their fear of the coming in of AfD party (Alternative for Germany) in their government. On the other hand we in Zimbabwe are told to shut up. We shall continue to be thorns in your flesh Nkosana even if you win the elections landslide. We shall continue to talk about the crimes committed in this country until they are adequately addressed at national level. We are not afraid to say the obvious. Those countries abroad you lived in are respectful of lives even those who died. We Africans demand that and no less we are to be treated with the same set of values.  

Dear Nkosana Moyo put the lives of the people first before politics. Address our concerns as a nation in your manifesto; you are not solving anything if you think pushing such crimes under the carpet is the way forward. Give me my freedom or death! I fear your coming administration in as much as I fear Zanu PF government! To say I am disappointed about you as a Presidential hopeful is an underestimate. I remember how I held you high ever since you left the Zanu PF government: a role model I thought!

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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