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Change managing Mugabe as he has failed to manage change

05 Nov 2017 at 07:07hrs | Views
Once again President Mugabe and his wife Grace continued to cry "wolf wolf wolf" in Bulawayo during the "youth interface rally". The cry against vice president Mnangagwa which was a repeat to the Bindura cry a few months back during a similar gathering portrays a desperate leadership of the party and government that realises it has lost legitimacy.

It is difficult to understand why the highest office of the land insists on gathering together young people only pour out hate and slander towards those who the youth should be looking up to for moral guidance and leadership. The president and his wife continue to attack the vice president with such desperate hate that many would begin to question if indeed they had not been responsible for the attempt on his life through poisoning in August 2017 in Gwanda during another of the "youth interface" rallies.  The president and his wife are rabid in their zeal to keep the leadership of the Zanu Pf party and the country to themselves. It is clear that they realise that the president has lost popularity and are afraid to face the prospects of a leadership challenge.

It is important to note that the anger against vp Mnangagwa is not because he is being accused of wanting to depose Mugabe but that members of the party want Mnangagwa to take over from Mugabe when the time for change comes in whatever form. That is his crime, that some people see him (Mnangagwa) as a possible leader ahead of Grace Mugaabe. By his (Mugabe) own intelligence-informed admission, Masvingo and Midlands provinces have lost confidence in his leadership in preference to Mnangagwa. The courage and confidence of the people (youth) demonstrated in Bulawayo's White city stadium by openly booing Grace Mugabe chanting "ngwena ngwena" which is how Mnangagwa has affectionately become to be known is testimony that the Matebeleland provinces have also join Masvingo and Midlands in endorsing Mnangagwa as a preferred leader and successor to Mugabe. This pertains to what little support Zanu-Pf enjoys in Matebeleland after the majority of support long went to the MDC parties. Harare province was long taken by the MDC.

It does not take sophisticated mathematics to conclude that without the support of potentially six provinces, Mugabe or (for Grace), cannot win an election.

What this means then is that Mugabe and his wife are frantically trying to resist change or failing to manage change. This consequently means that change is now managing them and with catastrophic outcomes. Energy Mutodi in one of his well written analyses, warned that Mugabe could have a tragic and embarrassing end just as many similar dictators have in the past. Mugabe and his wife are actually the biggest campaigners for Mnangagwa by their ferocious attacks on him. The electorate will be saying that there must be something good and different that Mnangagwa holds up his sleeves.

Mugabe's end seems to be written on the wall for all to see.   "TRAGIC, CHAOTIC AND EMBARRASSING" why does he not see the writing and do the honourable and save Zimbabwe…… yes that's right…

Source - Nicholas Mlamuli Ndebele
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