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ZANU PF Extraordinary Congress

11 Nov 2017 at 07:46hrs | Views
ZANU PF heads to a much anticipated extraordinary congress, many expect fireworks, yet the people expect good news that will change their lives and the economy.

Unity, peace and development are the key pillars on which ZANU PF was built and stands. These pillars in the past 17 years have been challenged, undermined and relegated to junk status by the scourge of factionalism which gave birth to corruption and selfishness that had gripped the great revolutionary party as individuals pursued selfish interests. Now, that the issue has been addressed , it is time for the party to sincerely go back to its roots, and build strategically on UNITY, PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT.

In this article I seek to put forward the ideas of the Robert Mugabe from the 80s. The Robert Mugabe who became a global icon, and an honoured man. These ideas were deeply rooted in unity, peace and development. The ideas made Zimbabwe an investors hub, a bread basket of Africa and the land of the sunshine city.

I put forward these ideas, in the hope that delegates to the Extraordinary Congress will ponder on these ideas and maybe give them life at the much anticipated meeting.

Idea no. 1 - UNITY

Unity is a prerequisite for peace and development. Without unity all our other ideas will not succeed nor will they yield desired results.

Case in point - Indigenization, this was a brilliant program that could have seen Zimbabwe carve a new narrative in post- colonial Africa, alas this was not to be because we refused to stand united. We shunned unity and chose to stand in the imaginary lines that divide us as a people. Some stood as MDC , others classified themselves as Mai Mujuru people, others as Ndebele , we forgot to stand as Zimbabweans and drive the economic empowerment agenda together.

These imaginary lines and lack of unity gave birth to inequality amongst ourselves, corruption, greed and the other tools of the devil found themselves in our hearts and made comfortable. In the process we lost each other, we lost the love for country and fellow countrymen. The path of unity would have ensured resounding success of the empowerment policies.

Unity allows us to create an inclusive society, unity allows us to build the great house of stone , brick by brick. Unity says to us we are all Zimbabweans before we are ZANU PF, MDC , Tonga, Ndau or Karanga.

Unity says to us we support different teams, wear different jerseys but it is the love of football that binds us together in Rufaro stadium. Unity says if I am a ZANU PF chairman with a 100 ha farm , I take it upon myself to farm enough for my family and my MDC neighbors , because we are all Zimbabweans.

I therefore put it to you that the congress should ensure that the ZANU PF constitution is big on Unity. A Unity that recognizes a white Zimbabwean as a Zimbabwean and a constituency that needs to be included in national programs. Yes, the party has Joshua Sacco and a handful , we need more , and we need them to feel included and welcome to our table of unity. Remember Timothy Stamps and Dennis Norman and the great contribution they made towards a better Zimbabwe. We need that unity now more than ever.

Unity is lucrative since numbers win elections. Our table of unity must also include people with disabilities who have a strong need for self representation. Yes, the party has Joshua Malinga, and Mabhaudhi but where are the others ?

Unity must ensure seats at the table for all groups. Including women who are privileged to have a seat guaranteed at the high table.

Unity must also ensure that technocrats such as Mutumwa Mawere, Mthuli Ncube, Nick Vingirai , Chaponda and Watyoka the ENG founders are accommodated in the party as they have brains, ideas, skills and contacts that could help our country.

The economic revolution needs unity .

Idea no. 2 Peace

Peace is an idea that brings happiness. Peace is a necessity , peace is a factor that can make or break an economy. Our peace as ZANU PF must be a peace within the party, a peace we spread across the country and across the globe.

We must pursue the path of peace , with open hearts may we please resume peaceful interaction with the globe, USA, Britain, France etc .
Our sovereignty is a non negotiable , yet we are not an island. If nations like China and Russia need the Western imperialists then who are we to brush them off ?

For the sake of development , can congress task the party to pursue peace and dialogue with all those who hate us and have sanctioned us. Can we peacefully and politely engage with them and compromise on certain issues that do not threaten our sovereignty and birth rights.

The vintage Robert Mugabe pursued this path and it paid off. We can still do it again , while consolidating the gains of our independence.

Peace as we head to the polls is a prerequisite for a free and fair , democratic election. Peace allows the citizens of the Republic to enjoy the freedom that we celebrate on 18 April. The hard won independence that genuine heroes sacrificed their lives for.

Peace is not the absence of war.

Idea no.3 Development

An inclusive society that is united and is at peace with itself and fellow mankind is a developed society.

Excluding ourselves or others from the table of nation building will not develop our land.

If we can extend the values of unity and peace , if we can demonstrate them and build on them our nation will develop.

United we must stand against corruption, segregation, racial discrimination and all forms of uncouth political behavior or tactics.

ZANU PF must be a party of class, standards and character. The nature of ZANU PF going forward will either stimulate development or stifle it , and this will be the legacy that we build for Gushungo.

We have fought colonialism, factionalism and we need to let our results show that we fought the good fight. We need to fight the battle of perceptions and change the way people view ZANU PF globally.

In conclusion it is my prayer that ZANU PF comes out of congress ready to engage the West, ready to engage the masses and solve the problems of poverty, unemployment, under development and the cash crisis. The people's resilience is a tad bit over stretched. The people deserve some good news , and good progress which will translate to a better life.

I love Zimbabwe,and I respectfully submit my school of thought for consideration.

Fidelis Fengu is a preacher, entrepreneur, and sociopolitical consultant. Writing in his personal capacity.

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