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What Mnangagwa expects you to do now

12 Nov 2017 at 18:17hrs | Views
Humanly, as we all are, former Vice President Comrade Mnangagwa expects Zimbabweans of all kind to rise up and fight for freedom. He humanly expects the people of Zimbabwe to humanly see the obvious wrongs of President Mugabe and fight to remove him as a matter of urgency and install Mr Mnangagwa as consolation to his unfair abuse.

Mr Mnangagwa now wonders why Zimbabweans are so incapable to fight someone who has caused poverty, corruption, potholes, Company closures, dysfunctional hospitals, dysfunctional transport infrastructure, muting political opponents and producing a dead liberated country?

Mr Mnangagwa left Zapu in 1963 citing tribalism and joined Zanu which was killing Karanga and Manyika freedom fighters and elevating Zezurus and a few passive Karangas. Mrs Mugabe just told him "Zezuru unconquerable"

Mr Mnangagwa worked hard since 1976, perpetuating President Robert Mugabe and helping him to achieve all the disprogress Zimbabwe is known for today.

We, the negligible opponents of Zanu who have been writing articles, showing people in Zanu PF how wrong they are, have warned Comrade Mnangagwa before.

Today I salute Mr Paul Siwela, or should I call him Prophet Siwela who said that Vice President Mnangagwa will be declared National Hero before President Mugabe leaves office. "Treason" is the charge Mnangagwa in now wanted for. I am very sure that Honourable Mnangagwa is keen to know where in Diaspora Prophet Siwela is hiding, so that he can seek a safe shelter.

It does not matter how much one writes these negligible articles, what is certainly a constant is that all Zanu current operators perpetuate Mugabe to destroy Zimbabwe. These perpetuants have no capability to see the negative impact of their projects until Mugabe has finished using them.

Intrinsically, Mugabe does not keep a friend. Anyone who thinks is Mugabe's friend, will wake up like Mnangagwa, to count the wounds of his allegiance. If Sally Mugabe died a betrayed woman, what is Mnangagwa? What is a war vet? What is Jonathan Moyo? What is Kasukuwere? What is Simon Khaya Moyo? What is George Charamba?

We, the negligible "vanongo hukura, Zanu ichingotonga, ichitonga ichitonga" will soon become Prophets with tangible or empirical outcomes.

Treason carries death sentence Mr Mnangagwa and you did too little in fifty years to stop this Dynistical Demon from accumulating too much power to field Security Forces with its own tribe. Who will fight for you now? You now need us tichingohukura, zanu ichingotonga. Can you now tell Jonathan Moyo how he will end? Did Joyce Mujuru tell you how you would end in 2013? Who told you the truth, Mugabe or us, tinohukura?

This cycle now needs junior Army and Police operatives. Senior ones are handpicked from the Dynasty, so they can't help you Mr Mnangagwa. If you need help from us the barking dogs, come around for a coffee in our Diaspora homes. I left Zimbabwe in 1989, having lost a home to you Mr Mnangagwa and your Zanu private army of 1983. Can you now tell Chiwengwa that he will either join me in Diaspora or go the Solomon Mujuru way?

Can you now see sense in what Thomas Nhari was fighting against before Zanu, you and Mugabe hung him in 1976? Or can you now see what Richard Gwesela was fighting against in 1983? Are you now in the same camp with Gwesela, Tekere, and Nhari? Are opponents of Mugabe traitors or Heros. Are you now a Hero or traitor? Are you going to bury the remains of Gwesela in Heros acre if you take over? Where would you bury Mugabe or what do you call him today?

Please Zimbabweans, stop perpetuating Mugabe Dynasty and start looking for a ripe neutral politician to elevate to lead Zimbabwe. I am a Zapu member myself but I would choose Welshman Ncube as the best candidate to take us to a new Zimbabwe.

I have never been a member of Welshman's party, but, his age, his roots, his vision and humility fit the criteria of a neutral leader who can clean our country.

If we removed him from his newfound coalition, and empowered him with support for a brand new Party, maybe named ZimAll, we would have a clean country in nine months.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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