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'Chiwenga, I am legitimate President, not going' - Zanu idolatry's fault, not Jonathan Moyo

16 Nov 2017 at 12:28hrs | Views
Our Nation is paying for what it allowed to happen. When they wanted to hurt Joshua Nkomo at any expense in the 80s, Chiwenga, Mnangagwa, Mutswangwa, Matemadanda, Mahiya, Matemadanda, Mujuru, Tsvangirai, Biti, Gumbo, Mutasa, and all known Zanu people, created IDOL MUGABE.

As years progressed, even after the death of Joshua Nkomo, the IDOL status had inherently marinated into Mugabe's blood. But, Mugabe did not create it, it was created for, and injected into him by the above mentioned DNA technicians.

The worst of all is Mnangagwa himself, he would kill to enforce compliance in idolising Mugabe.

Therefor, let's not blame Mugabe too much, and forget to blame ourselves for the ability and precisity of our own hands. It was until two weeks ago that Mnangagwa ever opened his mouth to say to Mugabe "Zimbabwe is not for you and your wife" Heshould have said that in 1990.

In the past fifty years, Mnangagwa failed to point out Mugabe's failures which started with the killing of the Nharis in 1976.

How much trust am I supposed to invest in Comrade Mnangagwa if he failed to tell me during the war in 1978 that they were hanging Comrades in Mozambique. If they had told me the truth then, I would have voted otherwise in 1980. If I can't trust Mnangagwa from the obvious record that in now on public domain, why should I make him President? Mnangagwa worked with Mugabe for 50 years, how can he lead Zimbabwe differently?

"Handiende, ndiurayeyi kana muchida", If Mugabe is saying this today after 37 years in failed power, why should I replace him with Mnangagwa who will say the same in year 2054?

Mnangagwa will rule Zimbabwe till 2054 supported by war vets who have the proven ingredients to bake an IDOL as they have done with Mugabe.

I was the first person to propose a Transitional Government of Zimbabwe on 06 Apr 2012 at 04:31hrs, I need to be the first to say Mnangagwa must take part, but not lead. It's even better to let Tsvangirai lead. Best to let Welshman lead and supremely best to groom Chamisa for the next Democratic Government of 2021.

Whatever people think, I consider myself a Culture Maker through writing unconventional articles which Zimbabwe will use in the future.

There is talk of Transitional Government now, and the major possible protagonists are the same people who created a HANDIENDI IDOL. Tsvangirai is one of the protagonists and he is not different from Mnangagwa. They were together anyway when they moulded IDOL MUGABE in 1981.

It is a Malignant Melanoma kind of Political cancer which is deliberately designed by us, for ourselves as a Nation. If Mugabe refuses to go, what are we going to do. We Idolatrated him for too long. He is now too old to undo the Idol status we installed on him to hurt Joshua Nkomo. So, Chiwenga and Mnangagwa need not to torture Jonathan Moyo. Torture yourselves instead because what ever you do now, will come back to you in years to come as it is happening with Mugabe now.

Free Jonathan Moyo and blame yourselves for creating manipulative IDOL Mugabe.

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