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Dabengwa easier than Mnangagwa to lead Transitional Authority

17 Nov 2017 at 20:29hrs | Views
In the middle of ecstatic celebrations to see the back of President Mugabe, we need to pause and think about shaping the country we wish for. It is possible that within two months' time, if we are not careful, we may be beginning to think that Mugabe was better.


With all my heart, I want to see President Mugabe go. And, from the bottom of my heart, I believe Mr Mnangagwa would have made a better alternative, only if, he had certain specific qualities.

The qualities I wish Mr Mnangagwa had are forgiveness, fairness, accommodativeness, and the ability to understand that a leader, holding a National Office, should not live to save party loyalist only.

To say "Pasi neMhandu / Down with the enemy" is a war cry which should seize to exist in a country one claims to have liberated. There should not be any enemies in a country called Zimbabwe liberated in 1980. An enemy is someone who is a legitimate target for sniping during a war. -Deeds follow words-. Thus why we had so many deaths caused by countrymen in the last 37 years.

If someone is so educated and qualified as a Lawyer, and still calls the Civilians he saves as their Justice Minister, enemies, then there is a problem.

Pasi naTsvangirai! Pasi neMDC!

Deeds follow words, and Lawyers can educate us more about that philosophy than we implicitly know.

This is not the right time to talk about who did wrong in the past. But , rather it is the right time to make a wishlist. We need to give Zimbabweans a more dignified country led my leaders who exhibit educated ethics. The job of education is to transform individuals from doing things implicitly into raising standards. If education does not exhibit that, then the criteria of employing people should be based on character only.

We are encroaching a possible hour of glory. But, if we fail to air our expectations now and do the same mistake we did in 1980, we may end up with the same problem if not worse.

The conceptualised protagonists to run the oncoming Transitional Authority have been named as Mnangagwa, President. Dabengwa, Deputy President, Mujuru, Second Deputy President and Tsvangirai, Primeminister.

A concept is a deductible hypothesis. The stakeholders burdened with the task to deduct from this hypothesis are me, and you and every Zimbabwean. The best time to air our views is today and now. We are keen to enter into a period of wonderland where the tribulations we suffered from President Mugabe's infested Government can be forgotten.

We are highly dreaming of a country where no Zimbabwean will be allowed to view another Zimbabwean as an enemy. We are keepers of each other. We need a leader who is able to co-exist, on equal Zimbabwean basis, with those in the opposition parties.

We want a democratic country that enforces QUALITY by responsibly criticising the Government without suffering retributions. A business without a critic becomes a dead business just like Mugabe's pothole and corrupt country.We want a leader who is not going to revenge against Mugabe, revenge against Grace, revenge against Jonathan Moyo, revenge against Kasukuwere etc.

-If you want to test a really good man, sit and observe how he treats those who mistreat him-

We don't want a strong leader. Actually, we want a locally jelly leader but Internationally agile. To show one's strength in the house, at home, is a weakness. We don't want a strong leader who will loves us for 37 years, but a weak one who will get bored by our criticism and leave us in eight years.

It is my conceptual input that Dumiso Dabengwa would fit that dream leader as President of Zimbabwe deputised by Mnangagwa. He is no saint, otherwise he wouldn't be a revered War Veteran. I have been a member of Zapu since 1983. Many times I wondered why Dumiso Dabengwa is so quiet, so weak, so considerate? I wondered why he is not known to have said down with Mugabe? Actually in 2009, we asked Dabengwa why he was not shouting Mugabe back, and he replied that when two people shout, they become of same character.

For the duration of the Transitional period, please give Zimbabwe a Christmas. Give us a chance to kiss the sweet Zimbabwe we dreamt about in 1983.

Give us a Zimbabwe where we can board a bus from Mutare to Silobela with old pensioner Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace. An examplelary Zimbabwe where Mnangagwa can still appoint Jonathan Moyo as his Minister of Higher Education.

We want a Zimbabwe where Gukurahundi orphans in Lupane can be taken by surprise by Deputy President Mnangagwa to get scholarships to Silicon Valley in the USA. We are dreaming of a Zimbabwe where those who were taught to become sworn enemies, in the past, to wash each other's feet in reconciliation.

 - Uyu ayifamba na Joyce Mujuru, mudzingei muZanu-

We want a Zimbabwe led by a man whose first sentence in addressing the Nation will say "Today, we are starting afresh as a liberated country"

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Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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