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The Good Generals and the New Zimbabwe

18 Nov 2017 at 11:33hrs | Views
A week in politics
Life is full of surprises and it is true that a week is a long time in politics. Only last week, the future looked bleaker than ever in our beloved Zimbabwe. Another deputy president had just been fired at the behest of that old witch, Jezebel known as Dr Amai. Poor Mnangagwa's dream to become the president had just been put to an end by Dr Stop It Grace Mugabe. The First Lady herself was all set to become the president of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Enter the Good Generals! Led by non-other than the rough diamond in the shape of Chiwenga.  Next we hear is that president Mugabe is under house arrest and can no longer go to the toilet without asking for permission.  Life! But Generals, what took you so long?

The Generals have delivered Mugabe's head on a platter. That on its own is brilliant news. The Mugabe dynasty idea has been surgically aborted without the consent of its chief architects, the husband and wife team.  But all the same this is good riddance, hamba Satane! And please take along your G40  pals with you on the way out. Unless the Generals need some target shooting practice.

Cat and mouse games
The cat is toying with the mouse, a paw here and a paw there. It's not a coup, it's something like it. ZOU graduation ceremony one minute, back under house arrest the next. Don't be fooled. The president is a prisoner at present and no amount of diplomatic makes-believe will change this reality. Make no mistake; the old man is soiling himself every minute with trepidation. The end is nigh. The Generals mean business. Don't be fooled by the smile on a soldier's face, behind that is a mean killing machine. Mugabe is as good as dead and Grace is as good as done.

Please stop seeking relevance by pretending to care about Zimbabwe and its long suffering masses. Far from it.  As for SADC and AU leaders they must be quacking in their boots thinking that they may be next in line to test the same bitter medicine. So why would they support this action taken by the Generals? Please do not take advice from that Mbeki retiree. He is the one who led us into this mess in 2008. As for the UN, they should buzz off and mind their own business for since when have they cared when Black lives are at risk.  If they care so much about us, they should start by cleaning the mess in their own back yards in the West where overt and covert racism is the order of the day. This is the same UN which recently wanted to crown Mugabe as the ambassador of healthcare. Tibvirei!

The 18 November March
The old fool has challenged Zimbabweans to flood the streets if they do not want Bob, Grace and Chatunga to bless this country with their God-given rights to lead the nation. And boy has he blundered judging by the early show of support for the coup on the streets of Zimbabwean cities. The people have spoken and they say no to a Mugabe dynasty. No to a Zanu monopoly on power. And yes to taking into account the wishes of all serious takeholders.  Mugabe's stubbornness and by refusal to resign with immediate effect has just united a deeply divided nation. Mugabe should go now, full stop. He has nothing to handover and nothing to offer us as a people.

The Good Generals
You will continue to retain the title of the Good Generals as long as you achieve your mission of disposing this despot. Your credibility will go if you guys mess up this mission. Once Mugabe is gone, we expect you to head back to those lovely barracks. Mission accomplished. Not to rest on your laurels but to prepare for your next mission in 3-5 years' time. That Mnangagwa guy will need removing much sooner. We can't afford another 37 years of zanu-lyte misrule for there will be no country left after that. And you will lose the tittle of being the Good Generals. You may think that is a small price to pay considering the opportunity you have to increase your loot. Big mistake that is what got Mugabe in this mess in the first place. He did not care about his credibility and he did not care what we thought about him as a nation. Please don't think that you are invincible or indispensable. Nobody is.

Annitha Ndlovu is a political activist based in the UK

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