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Its either we hold or we are Dead

19 Nov 2017 at 10:50hrs | Views
 I am giving the possible lines of arguments, possible strategies and the possible settlement to the current Zimbabwe situation.

I think the issues are as follows: Using the military option - an outright coup is against the positions of SADC, AU, and article 1, of the UN charter. It is also against our constitution. So an out right coup is out of question, but the man can be forced, coerced, to resign which is constitutional. Using the party, the provinces need to pass a vote of no confidence in the man, which must be ratified by the central committee, the problem with this is constituting a credible quorum with the requisite mandate. The current central committee is questionable, not able to convene as that has too many folds starting with the Convener, the Chair through to the agenda setting.

The other option is to use parliament to pass a vote of no confidence,
The most effective way was to recall all security personnel and then urge members of the public to storm the residences and effect what ever they do. Yes we marched yesterday out of the need for our liberty and that was an opportune time, a golden one indeed but I kept questioning on what we anticipated the Man to say to us and the world. Was there any possibility the Man would say what we  wanted to hear?
The man has already said he is going nowhere. I accept ii totally that everything has a start, the point is what is the way forward. So what options did we  have and what is the effect of the march yesterday and now. I think the Egypt option is the way forward.

The March was a mere solidarity match, but if the people were let to the residence, then it was going to become a pure civilian uprising changing the whole outlook. Generals would still come in and cool the situation giving a road map that would be accepted by all stakeholders.

Not all people interpret the constitution well, or want it now, or even want to hear it however, the situation will then teach us and we will follow the right channels in the end. I think it's another type of a Coup, the Generals were successful in cooling the people so that they were not violent yet the best was to allow us to run hay wire and then use that as a forum to say people no longer love you Papa. Resign Papa because people havachadi, vaneta.

Recalling the Military is the prerogative of the Head of State and Government Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and ofcourse allowing that to happen will attract treason charges. For the people to do whatever they want to do will remove the sovereign concept by international intervention.
I think exhausting all the channels is possible within a twenty one day framework.

Interestingly the same person who is in question has to appoint deputies and ministers before leaving office for the country to avoid a declaration of state of emergency.  He has said it before and he will say it again," If the people no longer want me they will show it through the ballot". The generals have already committed treason, by giving orders to the army without the commander in chief's approval, so if they don't see this through, they will all be hanged.

We are now against his rule and some had always been against. How then can he be allowed to appoint his successor as the Revolutionary party had been propagating all these years that the man has a say to it, the constitution has been violated, there is no more need to reason along constitutional lines as a reasonable argument. Its no longer a normal situation and just requires an abnormal way of doing business. Any return or attempt to return to the original basics that will extend his rule against the will of the people is neither here nor there. What further is reality is that elections under his supervision will always be rigged. If he leaves without appointing deputies and ministers then the current cabinet will be the official one without the favourites needed by the people, ofcource the Lacoste cabal and it will be more cruel than before and always try to remember where they came from.
It's swim or sink in an infested Kariba dam for the generals, the longer it takes, the more dangerous it becomes for them, they have violated the command structure. Yesterday they had a perfect opportunity to end the impasse by opening the doors of state house, the blue house, Munhumutapa offices, Chibuku-Jongwe house to the public and the public was supposed to occupy it until he steps down. The public was supposed to toss the man up at that opportunity.

The Constitution of Zimbabwe remains our Saviour because a State of Emergency will be a dangerous precedence to our Nation. Avenues and Channels still need to be exhausted my fellow country men and women.
Effectively what we have is a coup, because the army has taken the executive function, so the army should have, must have dismantled everything, call for political players from diverse backgrounds, hand over power to a civilian authority for a transitional government, but they are missing all chances. Generals can't risk their skins I tell you. The situation is very tricky and likely to be volatile because the man doesn't budge as was anticipated. He is not called Bob for nothing but will see the process through as the hard ball is played. He has played it even during his herdboy days, he played it with the Bushes and Blairs of this world. From Rex, Fox to Chiwenga where we are.

 He has  refused to resign and other interesting next best legal option is impeachment by parliament in which case the baton goes to VP Mphoko and if he fails to take up the opportunity then the next in line would be the Speaker of Parliament Cde Mudenda but this option is not favourable to the generals because their preferred candidate is the dismissed EDM who unfortunately for them can't be brought back constitutionally in the short-term. Again its a political party dubbed national issue because we all affected.

They have already risked, they need to apply pressure to the man, if it stays long, then foreign intervention will lead to the status quo remaining. The generals will be hanged, I repeat.

One other stubborn fact is that the constitutional way is long and not effective in our present situation but we will still refer to it unless we just agree that this is a modern defined kind of a Coup.
One other best way to go if indeed the generals had taken power for the sake of the general populace's wellbeing was to go for the shoot to kill strategy doing that in order to protect their own interest and took advantage of the fact that President had gone wayward: The President has already refused to resign and his friends like Zuma are urging him to do that for their economies, political lives and personified reasons not good to the people of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

The generals have already risked their lives and even us the people. It is ideal for the generals to attach their people in all government institutions as directors until the civilian rule is ensured. Anyway, who is governing right now if its not the generals. We are in it already and let's go full throttles men and women of Zimbabwe.

People under house arrest should remain in that condition, actually make it permanent.
The best option is for the ZDF to convene an all stakeholders meeting and formulate an interim government until election if he continue refusing to resign as already feared and being a given.

Politics control everything including the cost of your beer, what you eat and how you sleep. You don't threaten to take power, you take power, perio! If you take power, leave no parishioners, deal with the consequences later, that's what the books on politics have taught us. Power has not been taken if we still respectfully give the old man all the constitutional titles as our Commander in Chief, Chancellor of all universities, blabla. Remember who built up all this very long salutation for our one man. One centre of power!  Power has already been shaken and I think it will not be returned to him and his cronies any more, it can't hold. The centre has failed to hold. Power has to be taken permanently. If they return the offshore of  power they had taken, they are dead, the generals are dead, the marchers are dead, we are dead. Its treason and a hang man would definitely be found. Remember the proposal to return death sentence and the last Bulawayo interface statement, "Zvine rufu". If they think of a dream of returning it, then they are canon fodder. The sweetness of it all is that they know their prey quite well how dangerous it is. How fast is has been attacking and the machinery, ammunition, weaponry it has been and is able to unleash.

I am off to church, later.

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Source - MuHwisiri Chaiyeiye
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