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Remove all Security Details and let Mugabe greet the people in the streets.

19 Nov 2017 at 13:10hrs | Views
If our President is loved by his people and will not leave office for that reason. General Chiwenga must, under camera, free Mugabe to walk in the streets without any form of security.

That way, we would expect the people of Zimbabwe who love their President to lay red carpets and inundate him with roses of love. If Chiwenga blinks for two seconds, the next thing we will hear of is Chiwenga and Mnangagwa and Chinamasa being hanged for treason.

Just a few months ago, during his interface rallies, Mugabe told us how he hooks fools by the Science of procrastination.

"VanaNhari takavangwarira tikavaregera tikanyarara. Takazova kwenyera Frellimo, vakaiswa mutirongo, tikavarembedza."

Never take Mugabe for granted. Thus why Mnangagwa is not comimg back to Zimbabwe until Mugabe is removed. Mnangagwa knows Mugabe's tested craft.

If Chiwenga blinks, Chiwenga will be history. Take heed, you have been warned.

The only solution now is to remove Security Details around Mugabe and let him become a normal citizen. Get him into the ordinary street to mix and mingle with the people he made so happy in 37 years.

What happens to him, its just not anyone's fault.

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